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  1. Hey everyone, could you also share your service center? I think the waiting depends on that so it could be useful to know your updates WITH the service center. Mine is WAC, California Service Center.
  2. It depends, anywhere from a few days to a week, at least that's what I've seen in this thread.
  3. I think the credit card statements should be enough, it'd be helpful if the statements say who purchased what (Capital one and Costco card, Citi bank do that, if you bank with them). I'd still submit statements from the joint account with the opening date and statements. Do you have a lease with both your names? Does your husband have a car? For my AOS, we added my name to the title of the car at AAA, it's very easy and quick!
  4. I received my 18 month extension letter today. NOA dated 07/08/2019.
  5. Like others said, you just need to send it again, it will come back to your house. They will send a letter with special instructions, at least that's what I read on another thread. Rejected is NOT the same as denied. I don't think you need a lawyer. Hang in there!
  6. The best thing to do is wait. I know it sucks but as soon as you get the package back you can resend it! The letter should come very soon after that. You still have plenty of time before the card expires, that's good!
  7. My credit card was charged July 8 and yesterday I got a text message with case number. I'm hoping to receive NOA soon.
  8. Mine also expires on Sept 25, according to my calculations our window opened on June 27. You may have sent the package a day too early. I sent mine on July 1 just to be extra sure.
  9. I got my case number today, WAC. Do you know if there's a spreadsheet tracking WAC cases?
  10. I received my case number via text message today, WAC# (California Service Center).
  11. No, the e-notification only tells you that your case was accepted and it includes your case number.
  12. I'm also getting anxious here. My credit card was charged yesterday for $680 but I haven't received text/email notification.
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