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  1. Thank you! I ended up going alone and it was fine. Nobody even mentioned the spouse not being there. Interview was super quick and smooth - approved for oath a mere hour later.
  2. Updating here: - Filed N-400 in Jan 2020 - No updates for almost 2 years - Contacted Ombudsman and Congressman in Nov 2021 - Case updates in January 2022: I-751 approved (pending since Jan 2019) and interview for N-400 scheduled - Jan 18, 2022 - interview passed; case approved - Oath ceremony scheduled for Jan 28 2022 Good luck everybody!!!
  3. May I ask if your interview invitation mentioned bringing your spouse? I know it's what you're supposed to do for I-751 interview, but mine was approved without it (card is mailed to me); however, I have a pending naturalization case, and the interview letter said I cannot bring anybody. My case is marriage based though, and the only thing the letter mentioned was bring the spouse's passport. It's hard for my husband to take a day off, so I'm wondering how important it is that he's there...
  4. Ugh this is frustrating, because the invitation letter never mentions the spouse - it clearly specifies you cannot bring anybody other than to assist you if you have a disability. The problem is, we both work at school and they don't allow us to take days off right before or after a holiday, and my USCIS interview is right after MLK Jr day. I got a half day off due to extenuating circumstances (the interview) but I don't know how willing they'll be to let my husband attend too, especially when it doesn't say he has to be there.
  5. Thank you for the input! I was just confused because my I-751 just got approved (so I'm assuming this will not be a combo interview) but I still filed N-400 on the basis of marriage.
  6. People who already had their N-400 interviews: did you bring your spouse or not? I'm reading the invitation letter and it specifically says: Who should come with you? Only the following people may come with you to your interview: • If you do not speak English fluently and are eligible to take the interview in a language other than English, you should arrange to have an interpreter available by phone. Do not bring an interpreter to the interview. If you need a Sign Language Interpreter or Certified Deaf Interpreter, call the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 as soon as possible • Your attorney or authorized representative may come with you to the interview, or be available via phone • If you have a disability and have an individual who assists you, that individual may come with you Then, it specifies further: If applying for NATURALIZATION AS THE SPOUSE of a United States Citizen; • Your marriage certificate • Proof of death or divorce for each prior marriage of yourself or spouse • Your spouse's birth or naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship
  7. Nope. I kinda think they just... forgot about it? Many people applied later than me but have passports already. I did involve Ombudsman and Congressman both. USCIS acted almost right away.
  8. Yes it is! Also, I just realized that I was posting on this thread this whole time, even though I did not file in April 2020. I filed in Jan 2020. My bad!!!
  9. Updating on this thread too: I got my interview scheduled finally! It was probably a rushed decision (after almost 2 years, ha) because they emailed me the invitation before mailing. It's a 2 week notice.
  10. I hope you're doing whatever you can to speed them up. I chalk my "progress" up to reaching out (twice) to Ombudsman and then to my local congressman.
  11. I did this twice and told to expect a reply by a certain date. It NEVER arrived, in both cases. (I also did it earlier for another case and they did send me a useless reply, but a reply nevertheless. Nothing in the last 6 months for those ONPT forms).
  12. Guys, I can't believe this. It's almost 3 years since filing I-751 and 2 years since filing N-400, and today I just got updates on both: card is being issued and interview is set up in 2 weeks. I did reach out to ombudsman and congressman both, so maybe one of those (or both) things helped speed things up. At this point, I am sure it was just stuck on the farthest shelf because people who filed way later than us are getting citizenships. I'm almost certain there are no "security checks" happening still 2+ years later; it's just a system's mistake that nobody bothers to correct. Please keep fighting; don't just sit and wait like I was for such a long time.
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