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  1. Well, I still plan on having him deal with the student loan with a payment plan. We do need my refund - if definitely helps pay immigration fees, and my first year in the US it bought me my living room furniture I understand that filing jointly increases the refund, but the thing I don't like about the "injured spouse" form (which would allow us to file jointly but keep my refund since the student loan went delinquent before we were married) is that it takes about 14 more weeks in processing. And because I now have an Acorns account, which is stock trading, I have to wait until mid-March for an additional form before I can even file my return. I might do the "injured spouse" thing this year and see how that goes.
  2. Hi all. Here comes the wall of stupid text. Our ROC window opens on June 1. I work remotely for a software company and make over 5 times more than my husband on his good year - he works part-time bar and driving jobs. Plus, we moved across the country a few months ago, and while I continued working for the same company, it took him some time to find a job. That means that rent and loans come out of my paycheck. I don't really know how a joint account would make sense in that situation, but we can definitely open one, or I can add him to one of my credit card accounts with his own card. Do you think it makes sense opening a joint account at like a credit union, or can we just get a card for him with one of my accounts? Adding him as an authorized used for my primary credit card account is not an issue, I'll probably do that anyway now (although he's against that), and those cards could be used for groceries and gas. But with the majority of my paycheck going towards rent, bills and loans (which are in my name because of my income and credit) I don't even know how much I would be able to transfer to a joint bank account that it would mean anything. How does a joint bank account work? I have my checking for my direct deposit, and he has his own checking for his direct deposit. Would we need to change that? Or should I just dump the rent monies into that account and then write a check from it? (This could be difficult because transferring money between banks takes time and my rent is considered late the day after I get paid. My only hope here is that the landlord takes a couple of days to cash the checks.) All other bills and loans that I pay are in my name, so I don't know if paying them from a joint account makes sense. Another thing is that he has a few accounts in collections and a delinquent student loan - the latter means that IRS takes his refunds. For that reason we file as "married filing separately", because my refund helps us cover some bills, and in 2017 it actually paid the AOS fees. Can we just explain the student loan thing in the cover letter, or do we have to file jointly and file form 8379 (Injured Spouse Allocation)? Other than that: • we got both our names on the lease • one of the cars has both our names on the title • we have the same insurance policy for both cars (with both of us listed as drivers for each, but the policy is in my name) • he's on my health insurance • I will work with the notary to draw a power of attorney for each of us • Our apartment community just changed hands and the new owners can now add my husband's name to the utilities bill I also have him as a beneficiary of my checking and savings, and of my Acorns Later (IRA). Not sure if it would be possible to get some sort of official proof of the beneficiary thing though. I also reached out to the electricity provider and asked if they can add my husband to the account. I have Spotify Family for the two of us, but I doubt that would count, and how to prove it Oh! I also have him listed as associate with AAA but no official way of proving that (our cards have different numbers on them). We each have our own cell service plans with different providers (he likes to change providers, and it kinda helps being on different networks when we are somewhere with poor coverage). I know this is not a neat list that people usually post I'm mostly worried how much the separate tax returns and the absence of a joint bank account will matter.
  3. Yea, I always do address change with USPS when we move, but I think mail forwarding that comes with it only works for 1 year, and by the time we file for ROC we will have been living at the new place for 10 months 😕 That's why I'm trying to figure out if I should go to infopass and have them look up what address they have in their system(s) for me. So the confirmation of AR-11 submitted online would be just a printout of the email I got? And when we send I-865 it's just that one form in the envelope, right?
  4. True_South

    Companies letterhead

    The employment and income evidence that I submitted for the co-sponsor were basically just a letter on a sheet of paper with a logo in grayscale at the top, and printouts of my co-sponsor's paycheck information from their internal payroll system (with the pages URLs and elements of web page interface clearly visible). My husband's employers just signed letters that we typed up and printed out - no logos or anything. We had no problems with any of that. My employer has sponsored a couple of work/transfer visas, including mine, and the letterhead is just a logo, or sometimes there's not even a logo, just the name of the company. I don't think they had any issues.
  5. When they talk about evidence in the instructions, that's just because it's a template that they minimally tweak for different forms? Because I can't find what evidence they require.
  6. Ugh. I mean, I know I should have paid more attention to I-864, but come on! So... Did you also fill our a form for yourself to submit the change of address again? How do you make sure they have the correct one in all their systems?
  7. I've submitted the address change thing online back in the summer, and since then I've been kinda wondering if they did change it. I will be applying for ROC in the beginning of summer and don't want any screwups because the address hasn't been changed. I just scheduled an infopass for January 8, figuring that's the best way to get information out of them. Is that a good way to go about it, or should I call instead?
  8. The online thing is not very reliable. I did get the "approved" and "GC on its way" updates for I-130 in a timely manner, but another one of the three cases (I forget which one) triggered a text message 9 months after we were all approved and done. Scared the ####### out of me, receiving a text from USCIS about a case status update out of nowhere. I got my physical card about a week after the approval decision. If you have USPS Informed Delivery, the tracking number for the card should appear in your dashboard. What's the deal with infopass going away in 2019? O_o Is that really a thing?
  9. If they mention "resident alien", I think a foreign national with an address in the US is a resident alien, so not sure how your wife doesn't qualify. I don't remember what Discover requires for a checking account, I got one with them about half a year ago, but I don't think they'd make it more difficult than a credit card. I got a "Discover It" credit card 3 years before we even applied for AOS. To be fair, by then I've been in the States on a work visa for a couple of years, and already had some history, including a car loan, a leased car, an apartment lease, a bank account, a few cards, and a job. So it doesn't look like you have to be a citizen or a legal permanent resident. Discover has decent phone support, I'd recommend calling them and asking what's up: My first bank account in the US was with a regional bank and I had to put my office address as the billing address (I hadn't locked down an apartment yet), so I agree with recommendations to start with a local bank/credit union, and go from there.
  10. Hi all. I apologize in advance - I'm going to ask one of the traditional questions, but I just want to make sure nothing's changed since the last thread on this topic that I found. I have a conditional GC on which my husband's last name is added to my maiden last name. It's supposed to be hyphenated but they forgot the hyphen and it's just two names. (I'll just have to try and have it fixed during ROC). My passport is still in my maiden last name. I have to go to Canada by air, and from what I understand, I have to book the tickets using the name in my passport. I also understand I will need to use that same name for the ETA since it's linked to the passport. Is that all correct? I understand that ETA is electronic but am I still showing my GC to the Canadian immigration officer? Are they usually cool about differences in the last name, or do they just check the alien number that I submit when requesting ETA? Are they going to require anything in addition to my passport and my GC if I have that last name discrepancy? I also understand that I can re-enter using just my GC - I'm just not sure if there's going to be an entry form to fill out on the plane, and if so, if it will ask about the name in my passport. I haven't left the US since changing my name, and this will be the first time I will be entering the US with my GC. The last time I entered was 6.5 years ago and obviously I'm used to filling out a form that's different from what the US citizens fill out. I guess my question is - if I have to fill out a form and if I have to put my passport name in it, how often does that represent a problem with the US Customs officers? From what I've read, it's rare to run into issues but people are also suggesting bringing a copy of marriage certificate and copies of submitted AOS forms. I can print them out, but which one would be best, i-485? EDIT: Finally found a link to the customs declaration form. It obviously asks for my last name (which is missing a hyphen on my GC) and then for my passport number. What last name do I put in there? Maiden from the passport or whatever's on the GC? If they ask me to produce a driver's license, which has my correct last name with a hyphen, is that going to be too much of a mess for them?
  11. Got my 2-year card 3 weeks ago and it's green. Mine says "Signature Waived". My former colleague in PA got his GC 2 months ago (through work, I think?) and his says "Signature Waived" as well. And it's green.
  12. Mine was 3 business days (6 calendar days) between "card ordered" on August 30th and "card mailed" on September 5th. Although in reality they mailed it on the 6th.
  13. Got it. Thanks, guys! Does anybody know if I should mail in a form, or schedule an infopass appointment to fix the GC, or is online request sufficient?
  14. Since my SSN card obtained for L-1 still says "valid for work only with DHS authorization", I want to fix it. The SSA web site says: Gather documents proving your: Identity; Department of Homeland Security work authorization; and Immigration status. However, the GC that I got on Friday has a mistake - it's missing a hyphen in my last name. All my submitted forms have the correct name, and obviously my SSN card has it correct. The EAD card also has it correct, so it doesn't seem like an issue of their system not supporting the hyphens. The first time I can see the error appearing is the interview invitation, but I guess I didn't pay attention because so many systems have issues with hyphenated names that I'm kinda used to seeing the hyphen missing. I filled out a request online and have a confirmation in my email, but I see older topics on here that mention mailing in a form along with the GC, although I am assuming that their online tool makes that process outdated. The confirmation email suggests to expect a reply by October 3rd. Should I schedule an infopass just in case? Obviously getting a confirmation email does not prove the system is actually being used by USCIS, even though their bot suggests that tool for such cases. Also, am I correct in thinking that I should first straighten out the CG and only then take it to SSA, or does it not matter?