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  1. Yea, I have all the dates in my signature. The card took about a week (I think) to arrive. They of course misspelled my last name, so now I want to see if they'll fix it during ROC.
  2. Got the extension letter today (the 26th), issued on the 23rd. Check still not cashed, which is why when I saw a scan of the envelope in my USPS Informed Delivery dashboard, it scared me a little 😖 I thought the first thing they do when they accept a case is charge you, so I was like "whaaaaaat could it beeeeeee?!?!?" 😄 Next step is getting to the FedEx Print and Ship office to get it scanned, and then it's just hoping there won't be an RFE 🤞 Oh! I kinda thought that when they rejected my petition, that receipt number would be my case number going forward (it was EAC). But this one is different, LIN. (Do I change the filing location in my profile to Nebraska then?)
  3. Yea, I checked the apartment box, which unlocked the apartment number field (which, I think, why they couldn’t process my card, because usually I write my billing address as street number + name + apartment in the same line). I think their forms only work with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is the only reason I keep that software on my Mac.
  4. But you didn’t reprint the whole thing again, right? You mailed back the pages they sent you?
  5. Hi all, So, apparently when submitting I-751 packet, I somehow filled out the CC Auth form wrong (the only thing I can think of is billing address formatting). So they sent back the whole thing, as they would, and all pages are coded at the bottom. My instinct is to just take off the top sheet, which is the rejection letter, and that leaves the green sheet on the top; and attach a personal check on the very first page under the green sheet (which would be the first page of I-751). And just cross out the mention of the CC Auth form in the cover letter and write "personal check". Does that sound about right? PS Also, if the receipt number is to be believed, I was assigned to Vermont Service Center - but I'm assuming I should resend to the lockbox again, right?
  6. Disregard what I wrote about the return label, it's just my original label 😂
  7. What did you end up doing? I figure I just take the rejection notice off, so that the green sheet is on top, attach a personal check to the next page (which is the first page of I-751), and then use the return label they attached at the bottom of the stack. Not sure what to do with the cover letter that says that I'm including CC Auth form. Just cross that out and write "personal check"? 😂
  8. Okay, so finally got my rejection letter (they mailed it when I was out of state for work, and my husband tends to forget that mailboxes exist). The notice says I screwed up the CC Auth form (information provided is inaccurate and/or incomplete) - I pulled up the PDF and everything on it is correct. I do remember signing it because you have to sign in such a weird spot. The only thing I can think of, I always try to include apartment number in address line 1 because I've noticed address line 2 can get omitted when something is addressed to me. On this CC Auth form I just followed their template for apartment number. This is my only theory. Similar to what Becci391 asked - do I just send back what they sent me when I retry paying them? Like this exact packet, just take off the rejection notice so that the green sheet is on top, and use the return label they attached? And just include the check (it's gonna be a check this time)? PS Imma go post in the main forum. More people will see it.
  9. Click on your user name in the top right corner of the page and then click "Account Settings". The page that opens should have "Signature" in the sidebar on the left. That's it.
  10. Hold up, did you get your rejection letter in mail today?
  11. Of course. First thing I did after we signed a new lease. They still sent the ROC reminder to the old address. Looks like could be pretty much anything, but most common seems to be incorrect payment and a required document not enclosed. Apparently a lot of time stuff is just lost on its way from their mail room to an officer.
  12. UGH! I hate this! I'm still not sure that they have our new address correctly. That's basically my main worry - I mean, I sorta trust that they would try to let me know if anything was wrong, but what if they send it to our old address that we don't have mail forwarded from anymore.
  13. Was the number you called 800-375-5283? And did you just give them your alien number and they looked it up?
  14. Ugh. It's been 8 days since my packet was signed for and I also haven't heard anything. So what are they doing? Are they mailing you an explanation?
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