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  1. Hi, keep the evidence to minimum, for instance don't have to many pics, choose pics that show you and him out around town and few with his main family such mom and dad if you have any, to many pics with unnecessary family members will have them thinking one of them could be his wife, you need to show your relationship from start to middle to interview, you don't know what the consular will ask him, his questions will most likely be based off of your first denial, but you never know, your husband needs to know they may grill him with questions so he will be under a lot of pressure and if he doesn't understand the question he needs to let them know that, and if he doesnt know the answer to any question he needs say he doesn't know. I wish you good luck on your interview
  2. A little advice, you should focus on having enough visits with your spouse, and your evidence and fees that are down the line, making sure your hubby is ready for his side of the process, his interview will be the highlight!!, he needs plenty of evidence that your marriage is bona fide, you cannot force uscis to hurry your case no matter who you contact, I'm not gonna convey things that could happen by harassing them, but your time would be better spent focusing on preparing for what's down the line, your husband interview will be filled with questions and no one knows what those questions are or how many there will be!, you have no idea how long the wait is if he isn't approved! this time your waiting now is nothing!! go back through the years here in Ghana portal and read up on Ghana embassy and prepare your self and hubby so you can have a great outcome. Just my advice from an experienced 5 year waiter, good luck in your journey.
  3. Hi, when you go to the appointment its gonna really depend on the case worker you speak with if they will give you any answers, I went to one last year and was no help, your best option is to find out which uscis service center has your case, they should be able to tell you that and then go from there. I would speculate that your case has been returned and if it has you can only wait because the time frame for returned cases is taking in some cases years to receive the noir, you filed a cr1 they do not expire, I got my noir 2 months ago after a 2 year wait, you can also get help from your congressman or senator they are pretty much the only ones who would be able get answers for you and they can tell you exactly where you case is at, and can tell you if its been returned and can also tell you the issues that consular wrote from the interview( if they want to about the consular notes)
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