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  1. Is there a way to calculate this without having to register somewhere? So, essentially, the info we need is the date the i-130 was filed for the child, right? and the date they receive the notification that a visa is available for them, is that correct? Also, the child is not the immediate relative. The child's mother is the immediate relative to the US citizen sponsor. Is CSPA still applicable to the child?
  2. Hi All, The situation for one of my relatives is like this. The US citizen has sponsored for her sister and as part of that application, the children are also present. My understanding is that when the application was filed, the children were below 18 years of age. Now, they are 25 and above. When the turn arrives for the primary applicant (i.e. sister of the US citizen), are the children still eligible to immigrate as PR's or is there a cut-off? I am not clear based on what I've read on the USCIS website. According to the website, it appears that a US citizen can sponsor a child who is above 21 years provided they are not married, or something along those lines. Could someone who has experience with this help me understand the nuances and what is currently applicable? Also, can a US citizen still file for their immediate relatives i.e. Parents and Siblings? I heard this option was terminated but I am not sure. Please advise.
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