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  1. When you apply for passport, you are also providing your original naturalization certificate. So, per my understanding, you will get it back only after passport is issued. Besides, you still need to wait atleast 10 days before going to the Social Security Administration to update things as it may take some time to reflect at their end. That is why I said, after getting passport, update SSN and DL
  2. Hi Guys, On page 3 of the N-445, do we fill the questionnaire i.e. the Yes, No questions and complete the other section during the Oath Ceremony? or do we complete everything except signature? I read somewhere that, the signature has to be done only on the actual day of the oath ceremony. Can someone who has already gone through this experience please advise what all we need to fill and what we shouldn't? Thanks.
  3. So from what I read, I understand that we can still provide a copy of our old Driver's License and the Naturalization Certificate will act as proof of our current name and indentity for the passport application. Once passport is received, then update SSN, then update DL info in that order? Any other things come to mind that need updating?
  4. Hey guys, Starting this thread to make a list of all the things that we can immediately do after becoming naturalized. In my case I am going through a Judicial Oath Ceremony and a Name Change. What are the things that I/we need to focus on changing/updating immediately after this event. A few things I can think of are: 1. Apply for US Passport - What are the required documents, pre-requisites especially for those who have a name change. 2. Update SSN - after 10 days from the Oath Ceremony/Naturalization event. 3. Update DL - How soon can this be done? 4. Update Bank and Credit Card Records - How soon can this be done? 5. Update Global Entry/TSA Pre Check - Anyone aware of this process? What else?
  5. One thing I forgot to mention is that I will be having a name change which is different from my other ID's like Driver's License etc. Do I need to have the name changed on these documents too before I can apply for a passport. Can I use my current DL with old name and the Naturalization certificate to apply for the passport?
  6. Could you tell me more about the process. I didn't know you have to make an appointment at USPS. How is that done? Can't it be done at the same place the Oath Ceremony took place? What about photos? Do we need to carry photos or would that be taken on the spot? If you could elaborate your experience and everything you did, that would be helpful. Thanks.
  7. Yes, I am aware of that, but in the specific case of a Judicial Oath Ceremony: 1. Can I do it on the same day assuming that I will get the naturalization certificate on the same day. 2. Can I use a pre-filled form from the USCIS website for the passport application.
  8. I'd like to know if the process may be different in the case of a Judicial Oath Ceremony as far as applying for a US passport is concerned? What other things can I tackle on the same day immediately after the Judicial Oath ceremony? I heard that the application form for the US passport is available at the time of the Oath ceremony, however I was wondering if I can go online and fill and print the digital form so that I don't have to spend extra time at the location of the ceremony.
  9. Hi Does anyone have an idea as to how to check when the next Judicial Oath Ceremony will take place. How frequent these ceremonies are in Philadelphia. In my case a judicial oath ceremony is needed because of a name change. Also, can we apply for the US passport on the same day or do we need to wait? What info do we need if can apply on the same day?
  10. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to check if anyone here has had an experience changing their name as part of the N-400 process in Philadelphia. Does this cause a delay in the citizenship process? Does the oath and name change ceremony happen together? Does anyone know how frequently the Judicial ceremony happens in Philadephia and if not does anyone know how one can find this info?
  11. I am not taking the surname of my spouse. In this case, I am the husband The issue is just like what I described above, on my BC, my name is Mathew (with a single 't') and on my GC, Passport, Drivers ID it is Matthew (with two 't''s). There was never a real change of name, one letter was added. Essentially, the name can be written both ways just as the example with Matthew or Mathew. I hope this makes sense.
  12. Does anyone know what needs to be done if there is no proof of that change as stated above? Can someone please help?
  13. Do we have to provide proof of name change? In the case where people's last name changed due to marriage, there is a usually a court decree or similar name change document (I assume) In my case I do not have any such document, hence the reason for my concern.
  14. Hi guys, I wanted to know how to complete the N-400 as there is a section that asks for the current legal name which apparently should be as per the birth certificate (BC). While applying for residency, it was never asked to provide this name from the BC, instead I was asked to provide as per my passport, so the name that I've used since then is always the name on my passport. Now the issue is like this. Let say I was born Mathew, but my passport had my name Matthew and I've always used the name in my passport as my legal name. I have all the passports from the time I was born to show the difference between my BC and the Passport. Now, what is the best way to enter my name on the application without causing too many problems?
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