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  1. May I ask what was your reason for expedite and how long did it take to receive a reply? I requested an expedite a few days ago for the Manila embassy
  2. Thank you for clarifying. It was just confusing because i didn’t see the term case complete at all in the NVC filers thread. Everyone uses DQ. I though case complete might be another step after DQ.
  3. Also maybe a dumb question but is case complete the same as DQ? I apologize I’ve been trying to search and read everything I can
  4. Question regarding DQ to interview. I have been seeing people say they called the US embassy in Manila and received an interview date. My case was DQd nearly a month ago but I believe status is still at NVC. Would the embassy have any record if I were to call?
  5. Can I please ask how you can request to expedite? I just saw the post that they are prioritizing spouses. My daughter and I were planning to leave within the next two weeks but if we can expedite and stay together it would be a huge help. I know there are probably many with similar situations but I figure it’s worth a shot. https://ph.usembassy.gov/faqs-phased-resumption-of-routine-visa-services/
  6. I checked the US embassy Philippines facebook pages and it was listed on the departing flights for one of the days this week
  7. hmm good idea. I think PAL flys direct to NY which would be closest for me care to share the top reasons not to layover in another country even if its not banned?
  8. We were not. This is our first time visiting during the process
  9. We're in Manila so hopefully that makes things easier. Not sure we will be able to find a non stop flight with the limited departures but maybe that will change by August. Thanks for the input
  10. I think in most cases the tourist visa was issue before the processing of the fiance/spousal. I doubt anyone is currently getting tourist visas issued considering it also requires an interview at the embassy. In my case my wife had the tourist visa for around 5 years
  11. I am also curious to hear how this goes. My wife and I are planning to fly into the US from the Philippines in less than 2 months as I need to return for work. She has a pending IR-1 application but has a valid tourist visa. She would return in a few months or after we have an interview date for IR-1
  12. Thank you for sharing. I do want to clarify my wife already has a visitors visa and has been to the US many times. We just do not know how they will handle her entering while the spousal visa is processing... and now we are not sure if they will even allow her to leave the Philippines with the COVID situation. I will look for more info in the Philippines forum
  13. Need to show ties back to the Philippines at the time of arrival? Don’t you usually do this when applying for the VISA? Is a return flight enough to show upon arrival?
  14. We are currently waiting for NVC to process my wife’s visa and schedule an interview in the Philippines. In the meantime I must return to the US for work and I am wondering if there would be any problem with my wife going with me and our daughter using her tourist visa. The plan was for her to visit for a few months being we do not know when the embassy will reopen and return to the Philippines for her interview. Would this cause any problems or are there chances she would be denied entry to the US?
  15. Yeah there is an option none of the above where they would normally send paper copied but theyre not doing that at all right now
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