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  1. Good morning, If visa is approved you should get the passport returned in 3-5 days to the location selected. good luck .
  2. Good morning everyone, it's just 6:24 am but can't hold the excitement , today at 4:05 am the appointment letter arrived in my mail box . in 30 days is the decision's day thanks God. I hope that you guys can say the same soon and wish you all the best. my case completion day was May 24. will update my timeline accordingly.
  3. Hello, Today is my 59 days waiting and still nothing ....is just getting longer....
  4. Welcome to this post, up to toady no updates, my CC date is May 24 and still waiting for IL.
  5. Hi guys, My CC date is May 24 and still nothing almost 3 months waiting. Blessings and good luck.
  6. This is just for SDO , Santo Domingo embassy and I think that tourists Visa are included in this list.
  7. Hi everybody Please see the link below is the list of current appointments at Santo Domingo Embassy , it goes up to the end of August. https://do.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/281/Current-Appointments-1-3.pdf
  8. Yes we are in the same boat, as soon as I have an update I will post it as well. Good luck and take care your self too.
  9. My case was completed on may 26/ 19 and still waiting for interview.
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