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  1. My case was transferred to Nebraska and review of fingerprints done in March - still no update. Anyone else waiting this long? I filed the whole thing in April 2018 and have had no RFE’s. Seems like people that filed later are already getting approved. 😞
  2. No, not yet. I'm a military spouse stationed overseas so it's a little complicated.
  3. My case got sent to Nebraska where the fingerprint review was completed on March 7th....but nothing has been issued yet. Looks like everyone is getting approved already Anyone else from Nebraska still waiting on an update from the fingerprint review??
  4. Hello, My husband and I have been married for 4 years in October and have been stationed in Germany since November 2018 (Army). I want to apply for citizenship now seeing as my 10 year greencard still hasn't been approved. On the form N-400, part 1, it asks you for information about your eligibility and I'm not sure what to put - would it be B, D or E? I know that I am eligible to be here in Germany for the oath ceremony and interview so I don't need to fly back to the states. Secondly, all the questions about travel outside the US are based on the past 5 years, not 3. So for the first year/year and a half of our marriage I wasn't living in the US. Do I need to put this as over 365 days outside the states? Does my time here in Germany count as being outside the US? How strict are they with having the exact number of days outside the states? I've been on so many trips I can't really remember the exact dates. If anyone has gone through this and has some answers I'd love to hear them. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, that’s what I thought! We are moving in a couple weeks (last minute orders) so I won’t have time to file in advance sadly but I could do it once we are settled.
  6. Hi all, We are being stationed overseas and I called USCIS to see if I could apply for naturalization from there but they said no, you can only apply from inside the US. Is this correct information? I’ve read so many things that say otherwise so I’m confused. It would suck to have to wait another 3+ years to apply. Thanks!
  7. No, my husband is away at military training for 4 months so there's no one else there, but I guess I could give my mail key to a friend to have them check. I can't cut the stay short either as it's for work. I'll try getting my friend to forward mail to me! Thank you. Good to know, thank you.
  8. Hi all, I’m about to head out of town for 6 weeks (from this weekend) to Utah (I’m in California). Just received my one year extension notice - did you guys get your biometrics appointment scheduled within 6 weeks of your notice? I’m worried that I’m going to miss it, and as I’m not here I won’t get the letter to try to do a walk-in in Utah. Anyone have any advice to what I should do?
  9. Thank you so much! I'll pass all that information along. I really appreciate you giving such a detailed response.
  10. Ok, I'm hoping someone can help. I tried searching but nothing came up that answered this. My friend is in the USA on a J1 visa and has been granted a 2 year extension. Her current one expires in July. She goes back to Ireland about once a year to visit family - she's been told that she has to get her new J1 visa stamped in order for it to be used to re-entry. Does she need to go all the way back to Ireland to get it stamped? Or can she go to Canada? She's tried calling multiple consulates and embassies and no one is giving her a clear answer. One she called in Canada said that she could be waiting a while (what is a while? a week?! a year?!) If she goes home at Christmas and doesn't get it stamped will she not be allowed back in to the USA? If anyone can help please let me know! I'm not sure if my post makes sense because I'm not familiar at all with the J1 process, just hoping I asked everything she asked me to!
  11. Just curious - I've just about finished my application and mine is about an inch thick..... I did a quick search on the forum and some of you are sending in boxes of documents that are 5-6"! HOW?! Here is what I have included: - cover letter - explanation letter saying we will be PCS'ing (military) this year so our address will change, possibly overseas - I751 form - check - quarterly joint checking account statements from when we got married until now (5-10 pages each) - quarterly joint AMEX statements from when we opened our account in early 2017 until now (5-10 pages each) - front page of lease showing we have been living there since 2015 and just renewed - copy of our military ID's - copy of my green card and passport - quarterly statements from our joint brokerage account from when we opened it in 2016 (1 page each) - copies of envelopes address to both of us from friends and family (about 20 envelopes) from 2015 until now. - copy of our belated wedding reception invitation in 2016 - about 20 photographs with family and friends - 2 affidavits from friends - copy of husbands emergency contact info listing me as the contact (US Army) - 3 years of tax transcripts - copies of our car insurance policy for the past 2 years - copies of boarding passes for both of us on the same flight (we have about 4 of these) - airbnb and hotel receipts showing both our names - copy of current renters insurance with both of us listed (sadly I don't have the previous years) - Copy of my business bank account with husband listed as additional user. Am I missing something?! I feel like I've included SO much information :/ Our bills come out of our joint account but only list my husband as the payee (even though I'm on the account too) so I haven't included those.
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