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  1. Passports Finally approved for us both and on their way to us .. dispatched from Tucson AZ
  2. Congrats .. we are still waiting for approval email. Applied in 2/22 ; received /in processing on 3/3 expedited too
  3. Congrats and best to luck to all that got biometrics update. All the best to those waiting congrats to those who got naturalized recently.. I have a question for you all - do you sign the naturalization certificate in black or blue ink. I am completely confused; vaguely remember blue but so lost.. I do remember them saying - don’t use the other else you make your certificate invalid and it costs like $550 to get a new one.. help appreciated
  4. Passed my interview today at phoenix office.. process was quick : reading , writing and 6 civics questions and the only extra discussion was my plans for the weekend and how long was my way to the center . Reading : who lives in the White House ? writing : the president lives in the White House . questions: 1. what was the main reason for civil war? 2. what is the first president of USA ? 3. why did the colonists came to America? 4.Who is the current president ? 5. what movement tried to end racial discrimination ? 6. when is the last day to send in your income tax forms? Now waiting for oath . They do oaths every hour in groups of 12 people.
  5. I would suggest to call uscis office and ask . Mu spouse and I applied in July and as of yesterday my office is already a citizen . My interview is in 2 weeks. Phoenix office. I also know of few others of our close friends that applied after July and are already scheduled for interviews . Good luck
  6. Congrats n good luck .. you should see the e notice by tomorrow morning under documents tab
  7. Uscis cancelled all appointments for Jan 19/20 .. sorry if you are one of them , just posting what I received in my email today
  8. Expect the interview notice to be uploaded under documents tab by the morning or in a day. I got mine the next morning so I know the date and still waiting for physical notice
  9. One more thing I have noticed that once your case is in moving stage your name on profile will start showing NMN in middle ( if you don’t have a middle name). This happened to both my n spouse case just 1-2 days before we got bio reuse notification . NMN stands for no middle name
  10. Call and speak to tier 2 and also Have Usps redirect the mails to your new address .
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