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  1. First of all don't trust craptastic mapquest for directions . We hit heavy traffic coming through the mid cities in Haltom city and North Richland hills this morning and could not find the office at all. It was a nightmare. We were still driving around 5 mins before my appointment, then eventually found a road near it by accident. It was in an industrial estate. Once inside the industrial area, there were signs with the address of the USCIS office on it, so we arrived 2 mins before my appt time at 9.40am. We got insie and I gave my letter to the security guy who was really nice. They told me to go upstairs, so we did and waited for 2 and a half hours past my appt time... the waiting room was jam packed full and they didn't even have enough buzzers (like you get at a restaurant) so I had to listen hard to my name being called (no PA or loudspeaker system). It was ridiculous cramming everyone in like fricking sardines. My husband and 3 mth old daughter were with me. I met and got talking to a girl from Uruguay (not sure if thats spelt right!!) and a lady from Canada and we quizzed each other using my home-made flash cards. That was fun. I spent the rest of the time feeding and entertaining my baby and talking to my husband, in addition to complaining about the wait. Hey, you have to spend the time somehow! Ok so fast forward and 2 and a half hours later, I get called . Hubby and daughter were not allowed to go with me. The IO introduced herself as Officer Brown (Lorraine Brown). She was really nice actually. We went back to the interview room and she made me raise my right hand and swear to tell the truth etc. Did that, sat down and she asked for passports and Greencards. Then she asked for our tax returns including w2's, daughters birth cert and mortgage statement. She asked me to print my name on the photos I had submitted with the application. My file was in front of her and had everything dating back to the original green card i applied for in 2006. She asked me facts like where i worked, what as and how long for. Also to verify address and name including any aliases I'm known by. Got asked the usual terrorist questions and if I would serve in the military to defend the country if asked. Said yes to that and no to terrorist qus Then she said we will now start the test. I had to read a sentence "the president lives in the white house" then write the capital of the united states is washington D.C.. then we did the qus: Whats the capital of your state? who did us fight against in ww2? who vetoes bills? eisenhower was a general in what war? who was first president? ..and another that I can't remember now, sorry! After that, she said congratulations you have passed your test and i am recommending you for citizenship. Told me I would receive a letter in about a weeks time and my oath would be within a mth. Told me congrats again, i extended my hand and we shook hands and she escorted me back to the waiting room and told me to have a great day. The oath is in the same place and i wish I had done it today but they were way behind and all places had already been filled. Interview took about 15 mins. Total time spent in USCIS today? just over 3 hours!! The journey is nearly over for me and I am so grateful for having you guys here on VJ to guide me and answer my queries. Its been a trip thats for sure, but I will be proud to take my oath and become a citizen of the United States of America. P an P; i know your interview is tomorrow. Goodluck!!! From 114 east, go right on Beltline rd and then take Shorthorn (you will start seeing signs for the address of the USCIS building) to Premier to campus drive to campus circle east. DONT go on the service rd as mapquest suggests. It will take you onto the President George Bush turnpike and you have to turn around to 114 again, which is what we did originally as we naively followed mapquest directions.