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  1. I would like to know I want to take both EOIR and INS to District Court to proof their incompetency for both the Immigration Judge and the INS Examiner and Inspector coming to my home inquiring about my wife. Can I sue both of them and if so what I get from the court adjustment of status or citizenship both file mishandled by the Immigration Court and INS. I have the law what they state on there form and on there site. Both the cases are closed as per what I understand with false decision. Some are saying I have only 10 years Statute limitation, if INS nor Immigration Court have no limitation of there finding then why a beneficiary have any restriction to open the case in District Court. Any real Guru out there. There finding comes after 20 or 30 years too, so why we have limitation if I am not requesting the court for money but just to grant me citizenship without issue of a green card any possibility. Can I take both the INS and Immigration Judge to District Court for making false decision in both the cases one for marriage case and other for asylum case. Any wisdom out there. I am highly thankful to every one who contributed in my case. please let me know right away so I can present all my documents to the District Court by Wednesday. God Bless America and We All  and Happy 4th of July. Two cases are there one approved petition on 04-04-1984 still pending and other case is I ran out of status  and deport able, one case is 35 years old which is marriage case, the other case is 18 years old Political Asylum case. Please need your help both decision are false decision and no one check there work what the hell they are doing. Need help right away. Please help advice needed, if nothing works open both cases as new in District Court. Any Professional advice free of charge.

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      Any Professional advice free of charge. -

      where are you now? We can direct you to immigrant resources in your area.