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  1. It has been so long ago that I do not recall all . I was able to drive on my Canadian license ( all the while praying that i won't be stopped) but then I applied /got an actual CA license (showed cdn password, i94 stuff; US SSN) that was valid close for 2yrs while still on the conditional green card. In order to get that card, I needed to take the driving and written tests ( late 2015) . As this license was close to being expired while I was still waiting for ROC to complete ( and we all know how long that takes), I contacted the DMV about this as somewhere along the line I was told about a LP push(Provided them front/ back of my driver’s licence; front /back of the i797 Notice of Action that shows that I was extended for another year; front/back of my conditional Green Card plus a form whose # I have forgotten) and it was renewed. You'd think that it would be a straight 'exchange' with Canada but no. I think even the CA DMV site says that Canadian drivers needs to redo the tests. ps: I am in North Cali. Have not gotten a REAL ID yet though. Guess I am waiting to obtain at the same time when my DL expires. Good Luck
  2. I never got a tracking number.. it just showed up. I have USPS alerts but I saw nothing in them either.
  3. congrats! Yes , patience is very much needed during this process!
  4. I believe that is what is on there. ( I can't confirm as the 2yr GC was taken away when I got my Infopass stamp).
  5. Congrats! Did not get any notification - email/ call/ text/nada - just showed up in the mailbox.
  6. You have "your case was approved" and "your card was ordered" notifications ... that is a shout for celebration! Does it matter if the sites were updated? These sites seems to be notoriously late and out of whack . Your card will be there soon. Since I got my card, I have not bothered to check either site to see if updated or not.
  7. Not quite sure what is a 'waiver filer' but what you submit needs to show "togetherness" - things like your utility/credit card statements having both names on it; medical stuff that says you are authorized to know about your spouse's wellbeing/ make decisions for your spouse and vice versa; you are covered under your spouse's insurance (or vice versa) ; more photos together ; more photos with other people (with each other families/ friends etc). In regards to the photos, if the date is not automatically stamped on the pics, you should include that.. what I did was i opened the properties of the photo which showed the date it was taken then i took a screenshot of both and pasted that into a word doc which consisted of a bunch of photos like that . At the start of each step , I created such a document. I am still creating such a document just in case for when I do N400. Good luck.
  8. Congrats! I am a CSC filer. I did not get any tracking number either. On the weekend myuscis site was updated with all 3 ( card being produced/ card approved/ card mailed) then in 2 days, I got the card. Some got a tracking number.
  9. Notification said oct 24 or 25 being produced.Received Oct 30 . Congrats!
  10. I hear ya.. as long as you got the infopass stamp or the GC plus extension letter, you will be fine. The system is as you say and we know very very out of whack. Yes, hard to see people around you are getting their approvals but soon it will all come - as long it is not a RFE.
  11. Wow these systems are way out of whack but as soon as it is GOOD NEWS , s'ok with me! Got text that my case had status change so I went to egov.uscis site / entered WAC # and it said my case was transferred to a new jurisdiction on Jun 27,2018! And I thought snail mail was slow ... :-). Went to myuscis site and got another notification that card was mailed Oct 27. Picked up mail. PRIORITY MAIL envelope ! YESSSSS PR card !!! I was not expecting this until sometime next week the earliest. I did not get any email notification with tracking number either as others said they got. Amazing ..that is all I can say ! Sending good vibes to all!
  12. tdotca

    POE tomorrow morning!

    Congrats and good luck! If you are going through Pearson, please give yourself alot of time.
  13. I did not do N400 but I got the i751 approval. Soon, yours will come.
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