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  1. I read in the past you can walk-in earlier than the scheduled date on your notice for biometrics. I can't remember clearly but I think I actually did that for my AOS. Best of luck!
  2. Hi! My notice had a similar error (Street name misspelled by one letter "Vave" instead of "Cave") I called the number on the letter and the agent submitted a correction request for me and she also told me I may receive an updated/correct NOA in a couple of weeks. But... if I want a clear answer whether a new notice will be sent out or not I would have to call back after 30 days with the inquiry confirmation number she provided. Hope this helps!
  3. Went to the DMV yesterday. It was a quick process to renew my driver's license. Only hiccup was the agent was not aware the 18 month extension exists. She somewhat insisted that she can only do 12months on my new license and I would have to come back after 12 months with the same notice to renew my license for another 6 months or maybe come back with the 10-year green card. Good thing I was able to convince her my 18-month extension is legit and made her check with her supervisor. lol. But all good! Got my driver's license valid for another 18 months and will be hoping for a fast ROC approval and also may file for N-400 once the window open. Good luck everyone!
  4. Hello! Wanted to share my update... Mailed package May 12, 2018 Received and signed at CSC May 14, 2018 Personal check cashed. June 13, 2018 Received I-797 NOA in mail June 15, 2018 (Dated June 11, 2018) Can finally sleep peacefully tonight. If someone can be kind enough to add me to the list please? Thank you!