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  1. How comfortable are you to drive on the right, sitting in the left hand seat? I would think for me, it would be weird for awhile driving in the UK or other places.
  2. I'd reconsider the Spousal Visa. Sure, takes 2 or 3 months longer, he can start work as soon as he finds work, (and get insured), and you avoid that wait again, for the AOS, with more anxiety waiting and a lot of dollars. You were in an accident, and your daughter had a rare illness, what if he were in an accident, or caught a rare illness while waiting for a CG?
  3. With my wife and I, my lease is in my name only and was not going to have a new one written up to add her name to it. ALL utilities are still in my name and most times utilities only list one person as the addressee. We had no problems with the AOS interview. You just explain like you did her as you would not be the first ever under those circumstances. What we did is show joint mingled checking and savings accounts, had mail that was delivered to her name at out address, and of both names (like Christmas cards) addressed to the both of you, I added her to vehicle registrations and titles, and made her a co-owner of the LLC. I also had her named as a user of some of the credit cards as well. It shows trust, honesty and stability. Her employment and her insurance is addressed to our address. Just keep those things as well. Best of luck!
  4. Copies of your filed taxes are just your word on what you made. What they want is an employee provided W2 that shows what you made. The 1099 is a form that is issued by a company when you are not an 'employee" but they paid you a certain sum, without taking taxes or anything out of it. I guess the NVC needs proof of what you filed for verification.
  5. 10 mo old, plus 9 mo. pregnancy, was conceived 19 months ago. hummm
  6. Maybe in Boston where the OP is from. Here in Az, I don't even have a name on our mailbox (street mailbox), not even the street, the the number. I get mail for people who owned this place 12 years ago, and other mail. Our Post office says EVERYTHING addressed to this address, regardless of the name, gets delivered. LOL.
  7. First off, with the spam emails, I used one of those dating sites, years ago, and to this day, I get a couple hundred sex spam emails in a yahoo account that I use as a spam magnet and just going in and deleting the 1000 spams every month or so. So that is not an issue for you or your hubby, that's the past. Secondly, not knowing him, I would be likely to bet that he will be very defensive when "caught", and instead of owning up, he may try to switch the blame on you for violating his privacy. He had a thing with this woman, and possibly others prior to you two getting married, so that is in the past as well. However, he does not seem to want to "let go". of Sandy, Some women, on the other hand can be relentless when trying to make that man hers. I only quoted the above part, the text he sent, and my first reaction was that maybe he is still seeing Sandy on the side, and knows, or suspects you are reading his emails, and sent that text for your eyes to read. I'm no psychologist, but I think men and women also, cheat for the same underlying reason, Self assurance that they are still desirable to someone other than their spouse. It's an Ego issue, and Sandy knows how to play on that. Maybe one day you will say to him, "How's Sandy doing?" I'd love to hear the "Who?" as his mind stalls to come up with the next answer. Best of luck, sorry you have to go through this but it sounds to me (from the text) that he feels trapped in a marriage he does not want to be in. But know, it would be Sandy's cheater afterwards.
  8. My wife went through Cebu, not a problem at all. With all those trips, if she doesn't get her sticker the next visit, I'd be asking to speak to a supervisor or director or someone higher up. Or another person a least. I think there is a problem with the person she has to talk with each time. They should inform your Fiancee of EVERYTHING she needs at one time not pick and choose when where and what. Best of luck and hope it goes through this next visit.
  9. several years back, I seen a nighttime airport video, a couple hundred people getting off a plane on the tarmac, single file line. The kicker is it was a FedEx plane. So FedEx carries people too? Smuggling. Oh, and they boarded a fleet of buses to destinations unknown.
  10. I think many employers, who look at a resume and see you have 2 BS degrees, they think you will move on the first chance you get. And for some, they think you are smarter than the interviewer and looking to get their job.
  11. As others stated, he already "owns" half the house, so adding him to the deed will change nothing in that regards, but adding him to the deed would appease immigration. If, what you worry about, about the house in case you two get divorced after his ROC, you can, at least go to divorce court and argue the fact that you payed 100 percent of everything, and petition the court to give you most, and buy out the other. Hopfully you will never have to go down that road! Best of luck to the both of you.
  12. I won't pretend I know your life, but just wanted to chime in after reading all the comments. Yes, Cal, like many states, what's yours is yours, whats his is his, BEFORE marriage, after that it is equally shared tangibles, including RE. I can understand your concerns though. I am not sure an "after marriage" contract would supersede state law. Since he can not speak English much, I wonder what he has being doing for the past couple of years, since you said you are supporting the both of you. Since you bought a house in CAl, and he is not earning, I assume also you have a good income, and NOT paying the mortgage from a trust fund you inherited prior to marriage. Is there classes you can send him to to learn English to help find work. I Mean, about every Hotel I;ve stayed at in Vegas etc, it is rare to find a housekeeper who speaks English at all. Granted, they speak Spanish, and if I am not mistaken, Brazil speaks mainly Portuguese. If he is driving around, has a license, perhaps one could start some small llc business he can run and work at to earn. Cal is probably the hardest to do business in without being a millionaire! All that red tape. Anyways, best of luck to you and hope you find answers that you can live with.
  13. Didn't catch the white collar. My wife is over qualified for most openings around here and she didn't want to "not" list her abilities and degrees. And if you don't list them, you have big time gaps in the time-frame. She is basically working now for her insurance.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/jobs or https://geo.craigslist.org/iso/us/tx or https://www.ziprecruiter.com or https://www.headhunter.com/ Sometimes, a lot of people are hiring, but don't do anything but put a sign in their window and they look for those who hit the streets looking.
  15. It actually said there was an outbreak and they closed the school early but.. 100 percent had been vaxed.
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