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  1. I got a message that action was taken on my case. The interview is scheduled but I don't see letter with the date uploaded in my documents yet. The time is coming 😀
  2. I just received an email this morning saying that my citizenship interview is scheduled. No letter with the interview date yet showing in documents. It's getting closer 😀
  3. I've been trying at random times during the day and night. Last Friday I was just about to leave for work and I gave it another try and then BOOM 😀 bunch of appointments became available for different days and hours. You gotta keep trying. It will happen.
  4. No, I've been with the company for 3 years but they asked me to get it. I know I know... I'm scheduled for 3/28 so it's a month before my old stamp expires. I wanted to go to Colombia next month but I chickened out a little bit. I had difficulties with my recent travels with my valid extension letter and i-551 stamp so I decided to stay put until they process my citizenship.
  5. Thanks. After a couple of sleepless nights and waking up at random hours I was able to schedule the infopass. My employer asked me to bring new i-551 stamp so I am not sure if that would count as an emergency for them. I know, that lady checking in people gave me hard time once before when I had my infopass scheduled 😀 I hope to be done with it soon.
  6. Has anyone tried to do a walk in infopass for I-551 stamp? I have been trying to schedule infopass for the past week, different hours during the day and night but I have been unsuccessful.
  7. Nice. Keep me posted how it goes. I will have a combo interview too as they stated in my recent inquiry. My neighbour had her interview last month and she is scheduled for oath in mid April.
  8. Awesome. When did you hear about the interview? If you filed in October and you are already scheduled for the interview that gives me some hope that I'm not too far behind you.
  9. Yes it does. I asked already in previous post. When did you file your n400? I did at the beginning of November 2018 , completed my biometrics and I heard nothing afterwards.
  10. I don't see any updates on my cases. They received biometrics and that's it. I'm hopeful too Best of luck on your interview.
  11. Most likely you will have a combo interview. I have filed for N400 while I751 pending. I sent them inquiry about my I751 last week or so and this is what they said.....
  12. I have I751 and N400 pending and yesterday I received a reply from USCIS saying that both cases will be processed together. Congrats and hoping for the best for you.
  13. Can I ask you how long did you wait for your interview? Did they transfer your I751 somewhere after submitting your N400? I don't see any movement on my file but I hope for the best.