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  1. I did what I could in correcting your letter. You have multiple issues within the letter that needed correction. Your ideas and a lot of what you are trying to say are not easily understood. You keep referring to your wife or soon to be ex-wife by Ariel, instead of "my wife". The way you wrote this, I am not sure which one of you wanted the divorce. Not that it matters, but a clearer picture would surely help your case. Good luck and I hope everything works out. This letter explains the contents and context of this RFE package.doc
  2. How was your trip? How long did you stay? business or personal? the usuals.
  3. Congratulations LEL! Same thing with me. I am not sure if that's a good thing or not.
  4. We are, finally, seeing some approvals for our group, congratulations. To make the waiting game easier for the rest of us, please update our spreadsheet. It is much easier to follow up on everyone's progress using that. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iGyq5ZCEZ6fOYJCSryivspbAo6dQUacfHJH9AuL51Wg/edit#gid=1710824375 Please report once updated!!
  5. The statement is pretty straightforward: You should expect some news within 45 days. News can be in the form of Approval, Denial, Transfer, Request for more info, etc... If no news, contact us again.
  6. No need to renew your passport for naturalization unless you plan to keep it and your country allows for dual citizenship. Most international travels, irrelevant of GC or citizenship, require your password be 6 months valid from your return date.
  7. neoblast

    Not Enough Tax Returns?

    Well then, as debbiedoo: you can only submit what you have or wait a bit to avoid an RFE or a denial. I understand that you want to get this over but applying under 3-year marriage rule requires 3 years of tax return and/or anything proving you stayed together during the past 3 years. You could take a chance or wait until you file your taxes for this year.
  8. neoblast

    Not Enough Tax Returns?

    If you were married when you filed and did not include him, you may need to file an amended tax return for the first year. Hopefully, you did not file as single and if so, your husband's name should have been listed in your tax return. Unless his name appears in your W-2 there would be no point in including that.
  9. I can't wait for February. I will apply the same day my window opens up. At this point, it's better to just get everything over with
  10. Not sure what they expect you to update one when the waiting game just started. Great joke indeed!
  11. You automatically receive an extension letter once your application is accepted. There's nothing for you do except file within the 90-day window.
  12. Use the same A number if it's known. That number is assigned for life, so it would be reassigned anyhow.
  13. You are eligible to apply for citizenship 90 days preceding the resident since date on your Green Card, not before; nor any dates from any other notices.
  14. I will become eligible on Feb 5 and I will do so as soon as possible. The faster I can stop doing business with USCIS the better.