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  1. Sasifz, they ask about proof for a marriage: Children: - copies of the civility registered birth certificates for our children born - adoption decrees of children - court guardianship records of stepchildren - school and medical records listing the stepparents as a contact guardian Evidence of living together: - Leases in both names - Deeds and mortgages in both names - Copies of your and spouse driver licenses Evidence of combined financial resources: - Checking, saving accounts with transactions pages - Property, life or health insurances - Federal, state tax returns (with attachments such as W-2) - Utility bills -Loan or credit statements Affidavits from 3rd parties who have knowledge of the bona fides of your relationships.
  2. Hi everyone! Submitted my N-400 application on Feb 23th with I-751 pending since September 2017. Actually, we got an RFE for I-751 till 14 of March. So I hope they will combine my cases and maybe my estimated time (March 2020) will be earlier. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Yes, you are absolutly right. I still remind you that the divorce certificate shoud be official for immigration purpose, therefor it should have an apostile from russian ministry (I don't remeber which one). I think it would be the only reason to get more information before you will be approved.
  4. That's a great plan! I still think you will need to file a divorce certificate with an APOSTILE. So don't panic when you will have a letter saying that they need an official divorce certificate. At least I did it this way. Good luck! I hope they will process you together soon. We do plan to return too
  5. http://kommentarii.org/kom_semei_kodeks/page32.html Read this. Give it to your husband to read. It comments about the law. His divorce is legal from the court day. When they will approve or ask you send more documents. Do not panic!
  6. Okay Look. you really will know the answer very soon when you will apply for your husband green card. You will add his divorce certificate with Apostile and translation. They will accept it on not. I am pretty sure they will accept it. Because " Брак, расторгаемый в органах записи актов гражданского состояния, прекращается со дня государственной регистрации расторжения брака в книге регистрации актов гражданского состояния, а при расторжении брака в суде - со дня вступления решения суда в законную силу. " So the marriage was terminated in a court, so the marriage is terminated on June 20. This " Супруги не вправе вступить в новый брак до получения свидетельства о расторжении брака в органе записи актов гражданского состояния по месту жительства любого из них или по месту государственной регистрации заключения брака. " doesn't mean that the divorce is not final. It is mean that you need to obtain divorce certificate before next marriage. But the divorce date is June 20. Some people do not obtain this certificates for years. But they are final divorced. So you filed your immigration papers, right?
  7. Do you worry about this "" Супруги не вправе вступить в новый брак до получения свидетельства о расторжении брака в органе записи актов гражданского состояния по месту жительства любого из них или по месту государственной регистрации заключения брака. " ? So you say that he got his divorce certificate later than your marriage date. Correct? Okay then For Russia, your marriage is not legal. For the USA it is legal. So if you plan to live here, in the USA it will not matter. It will matter just only when he will like to make this marriage legal in Russia. In this case, I will tell my story. I got married here. I have a new last name. But for my country, I left 3 years ago and I didn't come back. Eventually I will need to go back and do all my business stuff there. I will make my marriage legal. But I changed the last name. Your husband didn't change his name. Your marriage doesn't affect him in Russia. So just think about it. For the USA it is legal.
  8. Okay then. So everything is fine then. The divorce is legal. The marriage is legal. So, please, deep breath! Good luck! If you still will have any questions I will be happy to answer you!
  9. That's great! You don't need to worry about any other dates on the divorce certificate. Next - does it have an Apostile and translation? Did your husband show it to obtain a marriage certificate?
  10. " when the marriage dissolved(a month he arrived on a business trip, before we gotten married). " 1. Don't panic 2. I am in a 2nd marriage here after a divorce in Belarus (same laws as in Russia). So I need you to look at the divorce paper. The main thing is the date of court. He could take this document whenever he wants. 3. Do you have an Apostile (from Russia) and translation of Divorce certificate? May I know the divorce date and your marriage date? If it is more than 1 month apart I believe you are good. Maryna