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  1. Hello everyone, I am planning on submitting my N-400 online in near future, and facing a unique situation (will keep is short). I already had an online account with USCIS and then we moved to our new house in 2018. I did submit an online AR-11 (Change of Address) form within 10 days of move and received confirmation number via email.However, the online USCIS account still shows my old address as my mailing address. I am worried any notifications during my N-400 online application will be sent to my old address. I have two questions regarding N-400 online submission: Will the notifications/letters be sent via email to my USCIS account or through USPS mail during the N-400 application process (like notification of biometric appointment, etc.) I off-course will put my new address as mailing address on the N-400 application. So, will any (if any) USPS mail be mailed at my new address that I write on N-400 application or the old address that somehow is still showing at my online USCIS account? I called USCIS earlier today and the call representative said all letters will be sent to the address I put on N-400. But I do trust advise from VJ more. Thanks a lot in advance
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