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  1. Thank you everyone for your response
  2. Dear All, Did any one had any idea when US embassy Islamabad will resume the visa service. I heard Embassies are getting reopening like in Japan, Paris London, Lebanon etc.
  3. Thank you Anmol and JFH actually right now my case is at NVC and recently got DQ and next month it's been two years snice I got married so its mean if I get visa after two year of the marriage does is say's on the visa IR1 or CR1. Thank you
  4. Hello All Vj Member, Hope everyone is doing great. I have a question regarding visa category initially when u applied pettiion I-130 and I got approved and USCIS sent ur case to NVC at that time it's show CR1 but I see people with visa category IR1. Some one told me it depends on the marriage time and if so then how we can change the visa category. Thank you
  5. ok hopefully they resume there visa services soon
  6. Hello Everyone, Hope you all guys are doing great. I have Two Question ? 1- Those VJ members where their interviews has been cancelled did they receive any letter with new appointment or in other words their interview has been rescheduled or not 2- Any expected date when the US embassy in Pakistan resumed there visa service for CR1/IR1 Thank you Shazy
  7. Hi Shoaib, You need to contact NVC for further information because they required Urdu Nikah Nama along with its certified English Translation make sure who ever is translating your Nikkah Nama provide a separate letter as a certificate along with English translation and Nadra Marriage Certificate for the safe side you can also attested these all form Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thank you Shazy
  8. Hi Nidz, Thank you for providing the information. Can you ask your husband that the tax transcript which are available on the irs website that work or we have to get the certified copy from the IRS in order to submit NVC. Thank you in advance Shazy
  9. Hi Nidz, Thank you for your kind response. You didn't submit affidavit of support. Thank you
  10. Hi F&S, Can please let me know the list of documents which you submitted to NVC. Thank you
  11. Hi Nidz, Can you please let me know the list of documents you submitted to NVC. Thank you
  12. Dear R&H, Don't worry you have to get your urdu nikha nama tranlate form the certified Translator I got my urdu nikha nama translated form Islamabad from Al-Masoom Services. Address: Al-Masoom Services, Aabpara Market، Khayaban-e-Suhrwardy, G 6/1 G-6, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 00044 Once you get your urdu nikah nama translated form there ask them to notarize it after that you need to go foreign office take both urdu nikha nama , english translated nikah nama and marriage certification along with photocopy of your spouse passport front page ,entry stamp page and exit stamp page along with the CNIC card. Once they will attest your urdu nikah nama and translation of urdu nikah nama along with marriage certification it didn't take more then in 2 hours and the send the colour photo copy NVC .
  13. Dear Sister, Sorry to hear about your loss all you need to be calm and react normal they already know about your current situation. Will pray for you that all goes well. Thank you Shazy.
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