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  1. Hi there.

    Not sure if you still on this site or not, but i see you did your AOS from B2 tourist visa.

    I'm in the same process, i just wanted to ask during the interview did the officer asked about why you guys get married under B2 visa stuff like that?

    1. totengskie




      As far as I can recall, she haven't asked anything about it, every IO is different, just be confident and answer straight their questions, and make sure you prepare your evidences from A-Z, you'll be fine.


      I hope you all the best!



    2. Teemo


      Polly, I have read a lot of reports on AOS interviews and never seen any IO question why someone got married under a B2 or overstayed. It simply doesn't matter. 

    3. PollyC


      Thank you both! :) 

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