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  1. Hope everyone is having a great day! We had the combo interview a few days ago and had the same day Oath ceremony. Everything went smoothly. Now I am a US citizen. However, today I received 2 letters: 10 y green card and a letter noticing me that my I-751 was transferred to National Benefit Center. I have no idea what that means. What should I do? Anyone had the same experience? I remember during the interview, the officer told me that he already noticed USCIS not to produce my 10 y green card. But, he said that doesn't mean I won't get one. Oh my, so he is right!
  2. oh, then Ill just leave those files in the "other" category. I tried one more time, it still does not allow more than 5 files. I found an old thread which said you could upload 5 files at one time then click "saving evidence" button. Then you could upload more than 5 files. However, I do not see "saving evidence" button... BTW, how quickly did you receive biometrics notice? Would they send me an email to notice me?
  3. That is odd. Tried logging out. Still not allowed to have more than 5 files in one section. I tried to upload files to "additional evidence" section. It worked since there are not 5 files under that folder yet.... what is going on here lol
  4. It seems I cannot upload more than 5 files in one section... any solutions?
  5. Hey guys, I apologize if this question has been asked before. Everything was fine until an hour ago. Now when I upload a file, it just shows 0% upload and does not work anymore. I switched to other browsers, it still did not work. Is it normal? What can I do? Thanks guys
  6. Thank you for the information. I will definitely check online filing.
  7. I hope you guys are having a fabulous day! Thanks ahead for the help! Here is our story: My ROC is still pending and we are running out of the patience. Since this year July 25th will be the 3rd anniversary of the green card, my husband and I decide to start the journey of N 400. We are planning to send the package on 26th April. I kinda remember we can apply 90 days prior the anniversary date. Is that correct? Also, will pending ROC be an issue here? We''ve collected quite a bit of evidence and documents during these years. However, as far as I understand, we do not need to present all the documents until the N 400 interview ? Anyways, here is our checklist, please let us know if we are missing something! · My completed form N-400 · Form G-1145 E-notification of Application Acceptance · Two identical color photos · A photocopy of both sides of my Permanent Resident Card · A check in the amount of $725 made payable to US Department of Homeland Security · A copy of my spouse birth certificate & passport photo and signature pages · Our marriage certificate · A copy of the divorce decree from my spouse’s prior marriage · Joint IRS tax transcripts for years 2015, 2016, and 2017. · Joint health insurance since 2015 · A copy of joint ownership of our current address: property deed and annual property tax assessments since 2015 · 6 official joint bank account statements of XXX from January 2015 to the Present · 7 monthly statements of our joined credit card account from 2016 to present · 4 monthly statements of our joined XXX BANK account from 2015 to present
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