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  1. Just fyi, we may not be able to check our case statuses until next week - system maintenance: https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/tools-outage
  2. @Ak2010 Congrats on getting you interview scheduled! I added the info I could find on you into our tracker https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19px0T7I0L1r79JhIJJriP1EXI1sO3u1ImNhcP38FETQ/edit#gid=0 Please fill in the gaps when you get a chance. The info is so helpful to the ones still waiting:-) Thank you!
  3. Just wanted to say Congrats!!!! I will leave the answer to your question to those who have had their interviews, but I am curious also haha. Yay for you being scheduled! You will do great!
  4. It means they estimate 9 days until the next action on your case. Hopefully that is correct in your case - the estimates are often inaccurate. Crossing fingers you hear something soon:-)
  5. wait time should be for the next action on your case, and completion time should be when the process (incl. oath) should be all done. The estimates are not very accurate a lot of the time unfortunately, but I hope your 28 days means maximum time before they schedule your interview. Good luck & please add your progress to our group timeline https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19px0T7I0L1r79JhIJJriP1EXI1sO3u1ImNhcP38FETQ/edit#gid=0
  6. Nice! A 4 month drop is great! Are you an April filer, Toy? If you want to you can add yourself to our group's tracker here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19px0T7I0L1r79JhIJJriP1EXI1sO3u1ImNhcP38FETQ/edit#gid=0
  7. Hi @Hao&joe - if you want to, please add your info to our April tracker here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19px0T7I0L1r79JhIJJriP1EXI1sO3u1ImNhcP38FETQ/edit#gid=0 Good luck on your journey:-)
  8. Guys, I just checked my account and still no interview date, BUT estimated completion time went from Jan 2020 to Oct 2019!!! Hopefully this means they are speeding up all over the place:-)
  9. YAAAAAAAAAAY! Congratulations NinaG! I hope you get your oath date soon - almost there! Glad to hear your interview went well:-D
  10. Thank you for doing that Shearar. I agree - that is very helpful information!
  11. Lol yesh, you better believe I'm gonna take passport pictures galore until I get a decent one...and then my naturalization certificate will go into hiding all "witness protection style". It will cut all ties, change it's name, move to an undisclosed location, and never be heard from again...unless it has to come to my rescue, then it shall resurface for the teensiest of moments 😛 Have a great day all!
  12. April filer here butting in to bring even more peace of mind haha: The reason your biometric prints were 4 fingers is that you most likely had a code 5 biometric letter (tells you in the upper right corner of letter I think). Code 5 is 4 prints on one hand. Your previous biometrics were probably a code 3, which is all 10 fingers. Mine was code 3 for my i485, but code 5 for N400. Regarding your picture, I am sure you have nothing to worry about. Wanna know how I know? My picture came out looking like some sort of frowning Ursula (little mermaid villain). I had to take my glasses off and couldn't see where the camera was plus the lady kept saying "chin down" so yeeeahhh that was great:-) If they kept THAT horror show of a picture...then yours is fine - guaranteed! Have a great day 🙂
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