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    05/16/2014 - Got Married to my USC wife
    06/13/2014 - I-130,485,765,131 filed concurrently
    06/24/2014 - NOA e-mails received for I-130,485,131,765 (NOA Date: 06/202014)
    09/20/2014 - EAD/AP approved!
    09/25/2014 - EAD/AP combo card recieved
    10/04/2014 - Notication of Interview recieved. Interview scheduled at the DC field office on 11/6/2014
    11/6/2014 - Interview: Went pretty well. Notice of interview results given stating case held for further review.
    11/12/2014 - I485/I130 approval notification recieved.
    11/21/2014 - Finally, Green card in hand!

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  1. For the Texas Service Center it seems like they are taking close to 7 months for approval. This might increase with the expected increase in I130 filings. Hence, I am expecting a 6-8 month wait.
  2. Thanks for creating this post. I filed I130 for both parents this month.It is definitely going to be a long wait but i am glad the initial work is out of the way for now. Timeline is provided below; I-130 for both parents mailed to Chicago Lockbox (For processing by Texas Service Center) - 2/14/18 Received - 2/15/18 PD - 2/15/18
  3. As far as i am aware I130 needs to filed by mail. Mailing address will depend on your state of residence. For instructions on putting your packet together, you can refer to the uscis form filing tips provided here - https://www.uscis.gov/forms-filing-tips Good luck!
  4. Congrats! I am scheduled to attend the same ceremony!
  5. My oath ceremony has been scheduled for Jan 20th. Please update the tracker as i seem to mess up the formatting.
  6. How did your infopass appointment go? Any rationale behing the delay post interview approval? My ELIS account and uscis.gov both got updated to ‘Inline for oath ceremony’ a day after my interview so not sure if this is a step further from final approval or still part of the final approval process.
  7. Thank you. Hope your infopass appointment makes them move your file on to oath scheduling!
  8. I had my interview today at the DC office. The officer was pretty dry to say the least and did not ask any questions apart from the routine test and confirming answers provided with the application form. I was given an approval recommendation letter and told that my case will undergo routine final review that could take 2-6 weeks. @LRPI feel like I might be in the same boat as you. Were you able to make a trip to the field office?
  9. Congrats! I was given an approval recommendation letter and told that my case will undergo routine final review that could take 2-6 weeks.
  10. Same here, I have my interview on the 27th too at the Washington DC office. Wish you guys all best and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  11. Congrats on passing your interview! Hope you get your oath ceremony scheduled soon! I have my interview on 11/27 so thank you for sharing your interview experience along with the priceless parking instructions
  12. Interview scheduled for 11/27/17. Can someone please update my timeline. Couple of questions; Per my interview letter, I need to provide evidence of selective service registration. Does every male applicant need to provide this? Any idea how long it takes for the Selective Service Agency to send a status information letter. Secondly, does my spouse need to accompany me to the interview considering that it is just for my N-400 application?
  13. My case status was updated to ‘Interview was Scheduled’ as of yesterday-10/18/2017. Still waiting for the PDF to be uploaded. Expecting to get that sometime today/tomorrow. I will report back when i get the interview date so my timeline can be updated accordingly.
  14. I am an August online filer and I noticed the same change at my end. A couple of other online August filers experienced the same change too. It seems like the ‘Interview Scheduled’ status was rolled back to ‘We have reviewed your biometrics’. In my opinion, your actual status did not change and it is just a case of USCIS taking the ‘Interview Scheduled’ status off since it was misleading and was more of an ‘In line for Interview’ status.
  15. Same change at my end. I agree that they probably removed it since it was misleading and resulting in unnecessary questions for USCIS. I saw a couple of online filers clarify through the online messaging system that ‘Interview Scheduled’ update merely meant that the online application was transferred to the local office for interview schuduling. Hence, i think the actual status still remains ‘in line for interview’ for those that had the ‘Interview Scheduled’ message disappear. Then again, this coule be wishful thinking on my part.