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    kitkat1 got a reaction from Q2018 in Self-employed or subcontracting work without EAD   
    The 1099 is the form the employer sends to the contractor for tax filing purposes. It is the equivalent of the W2 that employees receives to file taxes. By law the employee or contractor is supposed to receive their W2 or 1099 no later than January 31. This is so they can file their taxes. (Some people like to file ASAP because they are expecting a large tax return).
    If the company you (theoretically) do contract work for doesn't ask for an EAD, the only thing they would require in order to issue the 1099 is a SSN or an ITTN. It's not technically necessary for you to show an EAD to get your 1099, unless of course the company knows the rules and asks for it. Some do, some don't.
    I did contract work for a company that never asked for a SSN or anything - but they are based in another country and my assumption was they didn't have a clue. At some point before January they will need a SSN from me - and as long as I get my 1099 from them and I pay my taxes on time, I'm covered. In your hypothetical case, I can't see how YOU could get into trouble for having done the work - it *seems* the company could but really, who knows?
    Sure hope this hasn't confused you more - it's a great question, but we need someone who really knows the answer!!!!
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    kitkat1 got a reaction from lady3jane in How to contact your senator or congressman   
    How to contacting your senators/congressmen about:
    1) Case status
    2) CSC processing order of I-129F applications post RFE return and transfers from NSC
    3) Unintelligible and inane emails from CSC and their translation into English
    4) Any other problems you are having
    Generally, emails and written letters to senators and congressman will generate a response, a few months later, thanking you for your support of their stance on immigration reform.
    For more immediate assistance, follow these steps:
    1) Find your senator or congressman’s website.
    2) Go to the section for Constituent Services.
    3) Download the privacy form.
    4) Fill out all the relevant case information.
    5) FAX it to their office.
    6) Call to follow up. Find out the name of the specific person assigned to your case and get their direct phone number.
    If your senator doesn’t have a privacy form on the website, call them directly.
    Of course there are no guarantees that they can really get straight answers or do anything, but having a contact who will allow you to voice your concerns and will TRY to get information will at least help a little.
    Don't abuse it - if you have an NOA1 date from May forward, I wouldn't suggest contacting your senator until you really need them.
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    kitkat1 got a reaction from The Burts in Is it ok to use correction fluid?!!   
    take a look at this thread for other thoughts/opinions: http://www.visajourney.com/forums/index.ph...c=51065&hl=
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    kitkat1 got a reaction from hoalhash in Immigration Procedure for MENTALLY DISABLED relatives   
    Do not rely on the USCIS misinformation line or an immigration officer for a complicated situation like this. Start by consulting with a qualified immigration attorney to see if they are any options for legal guardians in this type of situation.
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    kitkat1 got a reaction from jeyh in Help me make a case to my parents...   
    While Form I-134 states that the promise to support is valid for 3 years, the courts have ruled that this "adminstrative" affidavit of support form is NOT legally binding (hence the legally binding I-864)
    You can also mention to them that lawyers refer to the I-134 as "nonbinding affidavit of support, INS form I-134"
    This non-binding nature should help reduce their concerns. Good Luck.
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