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  1. Your husband will need to submit the divorce decrees with the application and on there the dates of marriage and divorce will be
  2. ckibs

    I94 online record

    I'm also unable to access my I94 records which I recently made a topic about as well as I'm preparing for my N-400 application. I've used my passport going through the airports (since my physical GC was incorrect and I had to send it back- long story) SO there should certainly be a record for me but there's not. I remember when I arrived on my K1 visa there was also an issue looking up my records and it wasn't until I spoke to an officer that it was discovered that my birth year was entered as 1913 in the system LOL anyways, it was corrected and I was able to access my records so I know it has worked in the past for me. This is very unfortunate and I'm unsure how to prove my two trips for my N-400...
  3. ckibs

    Travel history/proof

    But that's what I mean; some are saying you need to submit proof even if you were out of the country less than 6 months and others are saying you only have to submit proof if it was more than 6 months. To me it looks like - from the screenshot I shared from USCIS document checklist - that you only have to submit proof if you've been out of the country for 6 months or more. I might be able to retrieve information from the I94 website after speaking to an officer but other than that I really have no proof. I can show that I finished school 5 days prior to my first trip and the stamp in my passport from when I arrived back in the US. For the second trip I can provide pay stubs, my email confirming purchase of tickets and stamp in my passport from when I arrived back in the US. But that's all I have to show...
  4. ckibs

    Travel history/proof

    How's that a completely different thing? This screenshot is in relation to the travel question on the application. I'm just making sure that I don't need to provide proof... and I know I need to mention the dates lol I've stated that of course they've been added, my question is not whether to add the information but whether I need to submit proof
  5. ckibs

    Travel history/proof

    This is from the USCIS website, their document checklist for the N-400 application... So I don't need to submit proof if my trip was less than 6 months? Other than of course note the dates within the form itself.
  6. ckibs

    Travel history/proof

    But if you used your passport going through wouldn't it show up? I'm so confused how I'm going to show proof of my two trips without the I94... I really wish I had known about this requirement from the start
  7. ckibs

    Travel history/proof

    Yea same here, I was able to retrieve the I94 from when I arrived on my K1 visa however only after speaking to an officer at the airport because they had noted my birth year wrong 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  8. ckibs

    Travel history/proof

    They want to know how many trips outside the US (lasting 24 hours or more) you've been on since getting married
  9. ckibs

    Travel history/proof

    Thank you for your reply. You're saying I don't have to submit documentation? I'm of course mentioning my trips in the application itself. I checked the I94 website and NO information for me is coming up within the past 5 years. It's also saying that people with GC won't show up? I guess I can call the airport, I just remember the hassle years ago when I arrived and needed to retrieve my I94. Would the i94 show me leaving the country though? Because that's essentially the information I'm in need of. I checked my email and I only have plan ticket confirmation for my most recent trip 🙄
  10. I'm starting to prepare my N-400 application so it's ready to go once I receive my 10 year GC, hopefully this Summer! *fingers crossed* I have a question in regards to the travel history; I have had 2 trips outside of the U.S. since marrying my U.S. spouse, these lasting a combined 32 days. Do I need to document this even though it was less than 6 months and how can I document it? Unfortunately this is the only part of the application I was unaware of, otherwise I would have saved my plane tickets. I went to the I-94 site and no travel history would come up for me even though I have used my passport (combined with GC) going through the airports. I have entry stamps from the U.S. in my passport for my return on both occasions however there's no entry/exit stamps from my home country since I only traveled there with a passport from said country, so that's really only a one-sided piece of proof. Should I still submit it? What have you seen others do? Thank you for the help in advance!
  11. Did they ask you to being in the expired GC for the interview though?
  12. Yea I know but like you mentioned yourself, we just want to get it over with... according to USCIS website a temporary stamp in your passport will be sufficient for the interview if you have lost your GC or if it's expiring. I'll do some more googling lol
  13. I didn't even think about that 🤔 I'm just so worried that they will mess it up again. I guess I'll do some more research, I was just thinking somebody else in here might have been in a similar situation. Probably gonna make an infopass appointment to discuss it with an officer... not sure because they've given me wrong information in the past.
  14. I'm just not sure if it's going to be an issue in regards to the interview (N-400) that I don't have the physical card? I have plenty of evidence showing the I90 back and forth which I also included in the I-751 application
  15. I'm wondering if I should wait on applying for naturalization? Please help me determine this. Long story very short; - Came here on a K1 visa in January 2016. - Applied for AOS and received my GC in August 2016. GC was printed with a 10 year expiration date when it should only have been 2 years. Was advised through infopass appointment to return physical card (I made a photocopy of front and back before returning it) - Physical GC was returned to USCIS with I90 application and I never received a new one as it was processing throughout the 2 years. Received notice in Octobee/November 2018 that the card couldn't be printed due to it having expired - Applied for the 10 year GC in May 2018, still awaiting the decision after having had the biometrics done in July 2018. I'm eligible to apply for naturalization (N-400) 3 months before August 2019. It was my plan all along to apply at this time. Granted I thought I would have the physical card in hand. For the application I only need a photocopy of the card however just noticed that I need to bring the physical card for the test / interview. Should I wait on the 10 year GC before I apply? However long that takes. Received an 18 month extension later last year. Thank you in advance!