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  1. Nope, i have to wait till 4 yrs and 9 months since my firts greencard. Because i was divorced before removing my conditions.
  2. Hi, congrats for the approval. Anyway did you get your card yet? I received a notice on dec 12th saying my card is being produce but no update till today
  3. Did you get another notifications from CIS saying your card has been shipped?
  4. Hi, may i know how long does it takes since the card being produce till you received the card? I got mine “card being produce” on december 12th. Now still waiting. Im just too curious 😂 its been 2,5 yrs for my waiver ROC 😢
  5. Woww finally!!!! Congrats though!! May i know when did you file your i-90?? Im still waiting for service request respond (should get by oct 12th) then do the same step. Once again congrats!!
  6. Did you get your card already? I went to the uscis last week. The officer told me to come back in a week bc he couldnt see the progress. But i didnt come back, i file service request instead and should get an answer by oct 12th. If not then ill contact my congressman and see if it helps.
  7. So that means i have to wait 60 days since approval notice till i can file i-90? If i already knew the answer from e-rqst that they gonna tell me to file i-90 then i ain’t gonna do e-rqst. Just go ahead file i-90 next week (past 30 days) how about that?
  8. Nope!! Idk why i only get approval notice in both mail & email. But no card production notifications yet. Thats frustating!!
  9. Same here!! I went for interview aug 2nd, got approval mail on aug 17th. Still no card yet!! Been called tier 2 uscis. She told me to do e-request if i havent receive my card after a month. I am july 2016 filler. So frustrating.
  10. Went to the ROC interview on aug 2nd, got email notifications saying my case has been approved on aug 17th, received 4 pcs (same) approval letter on aug 20th, but still no card nor notifications saying my card has produce. Called T2 uscis officer the other day and she suggest me to do e-request if i havent get the card after a month since approval. Has anyone here have the same situations? I am july 2016 divorce waiver filler.
  11. Wow congrats!!! Meanwhile im here still waiting for the GC. Went to the interview on aug 2nd, got email notifications on aug 17th saying that my case has been approved, got 4 pcs approval letters (all the same letter) on aug 20th. Called USCIS tier 2 the other day, asking if my card has been produce yet and she said “no i dont see if the card has been produce” she suggest me to do e-request if i havent receive my GC after a month. Idk if anyone here ever had the same situations with me!! Just cant wait to get the actual card. Its been 25 long months since i submit my case :’(
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