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  1. I went to the bank today and added my wife to another checking account. The checking account that I’ve had since I was 15. The thing is, that checking account really doesn’t have bills associated with it. It basically shows direct deposit from work and my Citi credit card payment that my wife and I charge everything to. My wife and I use credit cards for everything. I called Citi cards and there going to send me a letter stating that my wife and I both are users on the account. Then I can print all my statements since we’ve been married and highlight our monthly bills. Hope that helps. I went to my brokerage accounts today and tried to add my wife to them but since they are Roth I can only add her as a beneficiary, which I did. Im going to print out our cell phone history showing our communication for the past 3 years. I found some gym memberships that I can add The joint checking account that my wife originally opened definitely has more transactions than I previously thought so that’s good. It’s doesnt have any monthly bills but it does show transactions to the checking account that I added her name to today. Im definitly going to have to load up on affidavits from my neighbors and friends. Also, my wife and I have traveled extensively so I have as well. Im trying my best to locate as much as possible but then I think I might have to hire an attorney to make sure I have enough. My wife and I were clueless regarding ROC so it might be best to have a fresh set of eyes before we send in the RFE. Im wondering if the evidence I have is that weak, or the fact that I really didn’t send in much with my ROC petition.
  2. No, I just sent our insurance cards. I did not send quarterly statements for anything. I'm going to resend quarterly statements for as far back as I can on everything. I will have to resend everything updated since our shared finances our lacking.
  3. I'm going to get as much evidence as I can.... Can USCIS deny our I751 without an interview first?
  4. That is exactly my point that I think everybody is missing. I have three months to respond to the RFE, I filed the ROC 1 year ago. When I respond to the RFE, I will have at best 2 months of statements with primary checking account and retirement statements with her name added.
  5. I'm going to add her to my checking account and retirement accounts, however, that's not going to cover the past three years.......Isn't that what USCIS is looking for?
  6. So my wife and I received an RFE on our I 751 for Insufficient Evidence. This is what our RFE says USIC has received: Copy of Auto Insurance Copy of Health Insurance Copy of Income Tax Return 2016, 2017 Copy of Credit card Photos I also sent a copy of both of our drivers license that shows our address but apparently USCIS didn't get it, I will send again. However, the letter states the documentation is insufficient because the record lack evidence of joint financial and shared residence. I'm not sure how to proceed or if I should hire an attorney. I realize that I should have added my wife to my primary checking account years ago but I did not. I tried adding her to my checking account during AOS but my bank would not let me because she didn't have a drivers license. We were married at least a year before she got a drivers license. We did open a joint Checking account through Capital One in November 2015 that my wife has used sporadically that I can send, however, I would suspect USCIS is looking for more. My wife is an authorized user on all my credit cards to use anytime she needs. Our home is paid for but it's in my mothers name. Our utility bills are in my mothers name and she pays for them. My cellphone bill ( for my mother, my wife, and me) are in my name. Nothing I can do now. I do own a home, and I could put my wife on the deed but we have never lived there. My mother lives at that address. I have a 401K that I can put my wife as beneficiary, but it will show the date that I added my wife. I'm debt free and own everything out right, so during our marriage there was never an opportunity to add my wife to a car loan or house loan etc. Hindsight 2020, I wish that I had not been so complacent and that I would have tried to co-mingle finances more. However, I'm established and my goal was to get my wife established. ( high credit score etc). It seems like I'm stuck and not a lot of further evidence I can provide to USCIS. Other than adding some Affidavits from family, friends and neighbors, what could we do? At this point, my wife and I would love to just go to an interview and prove a bona fide marriage. After we respond to the RFE, if USCIS isn't satisfied, will they automatically give us an interview or just deny the I751? We also having a pending n400 that was sent on December 2018. Any suggestions??????????????
  7. PostOakGuy

    I 751

    My wife doesn’t have any money to co-mingle, but she does spend all of mine. LOL. My wife and I do have a checking account together and we just started paying bills with it in case we are ask about this later.
  8. I’ve often wondered what USIC will do if a married couple doesn’t have a lot of evidence when they submit there ROC paperwork. I can see where filing income tax together is extremely important, but after that, what’s the point? It’s not like USIC is going to deport your wife if your in genuine marriage. Every marriage is different. I only ask this because when my wife and I filed for ROC, we didn’t provide a lot proof except for tax returns, health insurance plans, credit card accounts etc. My wife and don’t co mingle money and she just recently started worked part time. She just recently opened up a checking account. As as much as everybody stresses about ROC at the time of filing, including myself, do couples that are still married ever really have any trouble? Im curious, are there any threads on visa journey where couples couldn’t remove conditions?
  9. I agree, the minimum requirements to start the K1 are ridiculous. How people meet only once and then start the process dumbfounds me.
  10. I’ve often wondered how much faster the whole process would be for some of us if the web didn’t exist. I’m amazed that USCIS processes applications as fast as they do.
  11. I’m definitely concerned about removing my wife’s conditional green card since we don’t have a lot of evidence proving a Bona Fide marriage other than tax returns and health insurance together. We’ve commingled no finances and we have lived in one of my mothers houses the entire time. Other than possibly getting some affidavits from family members or neighbors, what else could I send in? Our house flooded in Hurricane Harvey and we lost just about everything which is proving even more difficult in gathering evidence.
  12. My wife will be out of the country visiting family, and her conditional green card will expire while she’s out of US. I’ll file her ROC while she’s on vacation and I would like to know if she will have problems trying to get back into US. Can CBP look that info up and see that there’s a pending ROC?
  13. PostOakGuy

    SSN after AOS

    My wife and I have already married and filled out AOS paperwork. She entered the US less than two weeks ago. We don't need to apply for her social security before we send in AOS packet, correct? Most forms did not ask for SSN and it looked optional for the ones that did. Jason