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    We got K-1 visa approved in dec 11, 2014, and happily married since feb 21, 2015. I got my green card Dec 14, 2015 and now we are November 2017 ROC filers.

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  1. @dilip Thank you very much! I will check the online process, I appreciate a lot that you clarified to me about the bank statements, that will make it easier to me! Best regards! M.
  2. Hi @dilip I did that, but people list different documents or anothers said that they sent the same paperwork of the ROC just updated. It's because of that that I decided ask here because after read the USCIS page about the N-400 requirements and checklist, then I checked the N-400 discussions here in VJ and people's checklists are kinda confusing, mostly in the part about sending again 3 years of bank statements, all the leases that they signed since they got married, insurance, etc, like the ROC checklist. Thanks for your reply. Regards.
  3. Hi all, For the ones that applied to the N-400, can somebody please share the checklist of the documents that were sent? Not sure If I have to sent an entire bulk like I did it in my ROC. I am still trying to decide If I apply online or do the normal file to mail it. Thanks in advance! M.
  4. Hi, For some reason my timeline can not change after I put all the data about my approval in my Remove of Conditions section, I guess it's a bug, can a moderator please help me to change it? Thanks in advance. M.
  5. Hi all, Today I received my new green card in our physical mail box from USPS. Took 14 months one week all the process of my ROC. Thanks to everybody and good luck with your process, I hope you guys gets your approval soon! M.
  6. @brien0512 What a mess! you filed in Vermont (EAC) and then sent it to your local office and then to California Service Center (WAC)? Hope you can get the info soon about where you file is! M.
  7. @brien0512 Thank you! I hope your case get approved soon! What service center you got? is it your case in local office? M.
  8. @brien0512 What I got today it's the physical letter with the notice of the approval of my ROC. The last week I posted here the approval in the DHS-USCIS website too. M.
  9. @brien0512 My case in the website has this:
  10. Hi @brien0512 What you meant? In the DHD-USCIS website? M.
  11. Hi, I just received the letter with the official notice of approval of my ROC receipt number EAC180620*** . They established that my new green card will be sent within 60 days to my registered address. Cheers! M.
  12. @AusaYes feels great finish another step that's for sure and that's because we can not avoid feel nervous becuase we hear a lot of stuff in the news about the tense environment about immigration in the political arena. And I really hope that your waiting time finish asap! we just need keep calm and hope the best! M.
  13. Thank you! Yes we decided that after read here in VJ that the N-400 were on hold because USCIS needed the ROC done for make a decission. Happily now we can move forward for apply for the citizenship. M.
  14. Hi, I just checked my account in the DHS-USCIS page and it's updated the status, we got approved without interview! Happily the USCIS tracker didn't have a glitch . My case is from VSC and was sent to my local office in Charlotte, NC. Cheers! M.
  15. Hi everybody, I just got a message from the USCIS tracker that says "New card is being produced", so I went to the DHS USCIS page and checked my account, but there is not updated yet. Not sure If was just a glitch in the USCIS tracker but I see the bright side and I want to think that they are working in my file. My case number starts with EAC180620*** from VSC, but was sent to my local office in Charlotte, NC in February 2018. M.