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  1. Hi guys, My husband petitioned his parents to come to the US and we just received a date for the interview. I was wondering if anyone who underwent an interview recently could answer a few questions for me. When we submitted all required documents to NVC, everything was just scanned into their system. My question is regarding the Affidavit of Support. Since it has a signature on it, do I have to mail the original form to my in laws to bring to their interview? Or will the scanned copy do? Also, if anyone could share what documents they brought to the interview, that would be really helpful. Thanks a lot for your time!! 😃
  2. I submitted tax return then received an RFE for a tax transcript. Better to send a tax transcript to be safe I think. I would’ve saved 2 weeks if I sent that in the first place 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. Just got notified by NVC today that we are documetarily qualified. To everyone past this stage, how many days from case complete did you get a letter for the interview date? Thanks!
  4. Civil Documents Parent's Birth Certificate Parent's Marriage Certificate Parent's Police Clearance Parent's Passport Biographic Page Petitioner's Birth Certificate Family Photo AOS Documents I 864 ITR 2015, 2016, 2017 I 864A Marriage Certificate Spouse's Passport (as proof of US Citizenship) Spouse's US Driver's License (as proof of US Domicile) As of today, everything has been accepted except for the i-864A and Proof of Relationship between Sponsor and Household member. It still says "submitted" on the website. Anyone had this instance happen to them? People who received interview letters, did everything you submit show "accepted"? I'm just curious whether they've reviewed everything or are still ongoing. Unfortunately, I also received an RFE for a 2017 Tax Transcript. So guys, send tax transcripts instead of tax returns. I should've done more reading before submitting everything. I was confident an ITR would be fine since it was accepted a few years back when I petitioned my husband. Learn from my mistakes guys. 😃
  5. I have not received an interview date yet for my in laws, but if the process has not changed from a few years ago when I petitioned my husband, NVC should be sending you an email with the exact date and time of the interview. Unless the process for India is different from the Philippines.
  6. Hi, I submitted everything on January 7th. So far, no news of interview date as of yet. I'm hoping to hear from them soon though. Anyone have an idea on how long the expected wait time is until NVC reviews everything?
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