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  1. Driving myself crazy...08/13/18, case completed and no interview date yet. .... Guayaquil, Ecuador.
  2. My mom's case is finally approved, after mistakes from uscis and several phone calls. I received the approval letter today, dated for 02/03/2018. Pd. 05/31/2017. Texas Btw, on 12/22/2017, uscis "sent a rfe letter", that I never received. Cuz it was a glitch in their system or so. After waiting a month to ask them about it, they reviewed and told me that it was a mistake and to keep waiting... no status changed in the website
  3. Texaa sent my an rfe on 12/22/2017. And I didn't get it yet. I have to wait until Monday to call them to letting them know to please send me another letter One wasted month. 😡😡😡. I called the other day just for them to tell me to wait the month
  4. I will update my timeline soon. I'm pd may 31, Texas, parent petition, is in the same category as spouse, I just receive an app update, saying they are sending me a Tre. Let's wait and see what it is.
  5. Thanks a lot, I really hope so.
  6. So, I called uscis and they told me that my case is with an adjudicator. So in how long can my case be approved? Any ideas?
  7. I just called uscis and I got a call back from a tier 2 officer that told me that Texas is taking 7 months to process applications. 😤😤. And that my case is not assigned to an officer yet. I will call back next week. Pd. 05/31. I believe that when someone wants to help, they do, if not. Ill try again
  8. We have the same pd. May 31. Hopefully we can hear something by the first week of December. But I'm planning to call uscis the week of thanksgiving, to see what they said.
  9. No my case is in Texas, which is working on May.
  10. After how many days or months of waiting is good to call uscis tier 2?. My case is 164 days old but I I'm planning to call after 6 months or 180 days?. Or I'm suppose to wait longer than that without calling?
  11. Congratulations Abbie, good news are coming soon.
  12. Yes, Abie, i know that but i just got thus notification thru the app and my concern is "how come they are working on june when they skipped a lot of May filers?.
  13. Can Someone please explain this?. Is Texas working in june??.
  14. I wish we all could get approved this month, this waiting game is killing me. Pd 05/31 Texas
  15. Thats awesome, I don't put myself to stress until the first week of December, pd 05/31. But if is like that soon approvals for all.