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  1. He has an Albanian passport.. no visa requirements for less than 30 days of tourism. I also called JetBlue the airline we’re flying from and to, and they said they’re totally okay with it. But yeah I guess depends who you get at the gate
  2. I think the US accepts the expired green card and extended status.. I’m just worried if Jamaica’s customs will let him in and out of the country with those documents?
  3. Hi everyone, My husband and I are going on vacation in Jamaica at the end of June. His green card expired January 2018 and he received form i797 stating that he can travel a year until basically November 2019. Will there be any problems going through customs and landing in Jamaica with these documentation? Will the officers at the airport in Jamaica accept the extension letter and expired green card? On our way back we are coming in the US through Orlando International Airport.
  4. Seems like USCIS processing times for Vermont Service Center are pretty long. It says they’re still processing November 2016. Long wait for us October 2017 filers!😔
  5. Yes I included those as well as our tax returns. Thank you!
  6. They’re not required. I just want to make sure I have tons of evidence. I’ve heard a lot of people have gotten RFEs for not having enough evidence for a bonafide relationship. We live with my dad therefore he pays for the mortgage and utilities so I’m not sure if that will be a problem when they review our case.
  7. I have read all these stories about people getting RFEs for not having enough evidence and I got kind of scared.
  8. Hi everyone, My husband and I are about to apply for the removal of conditions on his Green Card. The documents we are planning to send in are the following: -affidavit from my dad stating that we live with him and we do not pay any rent/mortgage -two affidavits from best friends -150 photos from the wedding, travels, with our families, etc. -joint car insurance, joint AAA -joint checking account, 3 joint credit card statements -joint health insurance -some bills to prove joint address -copy of his green card as well as both of our drivers licenses -email & receipt from event planner from our wedding Do you think this is enough to prove a bonafide relationship? What else would we need more?