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  1. Exactly. Stockholm syndrome or something. But I'm not seeking sympathy, I'm just trying to point out how vacuous some of the arguments defending the proposal are, but we're all entitled to our own opinion. My case is pretty simple, if I apply for USC and get approved, GOOD. If they deny it because I received marketplace-based insurance at some point NOT GOOD. There's not much more I can do about that other than to probably limit my investment here and channel somewhere else.
  2. It's still horrible. The fact that they're trying to say that having Marketplace-based insurance under the Affordable Care Act makes one a "public charge" is ridiculous. For example, I intend to apply for citizenship in a couple of months. My records are clean, taxes filed every year, almost perfect credit score, USC kids, decent paying job, the whole nine yards. But I did have marketplace-based (which cost me 1/18th of what it cost to get a plan with my university's plan) insurance during my graduate school days, and what this proposal is attempting to do is to strip me of my qualification to acquire citizenship due to the fact that I received health insurance from the marketplace (something I paid for). Let me also note that I have never received SNAP benefits. At the time, I didn't even mind being uninsured, but my school required health insurance for full-time students and it would've been counter-intuitive to pay $3339 for 11 months of coverage, when I could get coverage on the marketplace for way less than that. So, yes, the hysteria is understandable. This proposal is absurd.
  3. Yes, she can be a joint sponsor. She'll have to submit her tax transcripts for the past few years in addition to the affidavit of support. You'll also have to submit proof of US status (greencard or citizenship) for the joint sponsor.
  4. 372 days after mailing my i-751, I've finally received my notice of approval today!! Thanks for your assistance throughout the process, VJ family. Best of luck to everyone still awaiting their decision letters.