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  1. Lol this is why me and my husband both just use the same Odiegwu account 😂😂🤣
  2. Please be aware that only the interviewee (immigrating spouse) will be allowed inside the building. The US spouse will have to wait outside of the building.
  3. I believe it’s required to upload the most recent year’s IRS issued tax transcript in order for the AOS to be approved. I am having my husband take copies of my tax transcripts from the previous 3 years. I have also read numerous times where IR/CR-1 interviewees go to the interview and are asked for W-2’s. In light of this, I opted to submit a copy of my 2018 W-2 while filing the AOS. I also sent the 2017 and 2016 W-2’s to my husband, but didn’t upload them for the AOS. They may never ask him for them, but if they do, I want him to be able to produce any requested documents immediately to avoid a delay in the processing of our case. He is also taking 2 copies of anything that doesn’t need to be certified, plus the certified copy and an extra copy of anything that must be certified (ie police certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, court order for change of name). Better to have something and not need it than be caught unprepared.
  4. @dwheels76 Your spreadsheet is actually extremely useful to people that are interested in reading and finding information for themselves instead of automatically asking others to answer their questions. Many people appear to have skipped the introduction to the thread as well as the NVC process outline located in the guides section of VJ. Many questions asked could be answered if people cared to read more and try to locate information. Seems like some also lack the skills needed to effectively analyze data. That’s not your problem nor your fault. Many of us appreciate that you take your time and moderate and do the threads and spreadsheet and give us a place to meet with others at the same stage. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t get PAID to do this. So from all of us that value your work, please keep it up. Some people will just never be happy or satisfied. Ignore them please and don’t let them spoil it for those of us that are able to utilize the information with gratitude. 🥰😘
  5. From looking at the spreadsheet and when others were DQ’d and got their IL’s I was assuming we would get an IL the first or second week of Jan for an interview in Feb. Does that sound about right?
  6. Concerning the $220 fee...not paid at interview but online...


    1. Odiegwu


      I had been looking for this the other day! Thanks for sharing it! 

    2. Odiegwu


      @Ifemi4835 Where did you find this? We aren’t quite ready to use it, but it will be helpful to use the hyperlinks when we are ready! 

    3. Ifemi4835


      On the case complete to interview Jan 2020 post..the Dec post was just shut down.

  7. We already have case complete at NVC, so those fees are not a concern now. I found a letter of request for the $165 here on VJ. I’m just curious if this is the same or different from the $220 fee that I have also seen talked about.
  8. We were thinking the same thing about the certificate. But the $165 is for POE right? So that means it doesn’t have to be done until we’re approved right? Since there’s no real guarantee that we’ll be approved the first time?
  9. But the NVC site says a certified copy is okay. It also says that here on VJ. Our certified copy has the raised seal, the AMAC stamp, and a stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Guess we will email the embassy to be safe.
  10. The police clearance certificate issued in Lagos says valid for 3 months. Does this mean I need to renew it before the interview if the interview is more than 3 months from the date it’s issued? Also, is the POE and Greencard fee the same? For some reason I thought the POE fee was $165 and the Greencard fee was $220....
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