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  1. So I called on Friday and found out that the I751 file is at NBC, not at USCIS Newark. The USCIS rep was able to confirm that they are working on N400 case. But it has been 120 days since the N400 interview, so I'll write a letter to my congressman if I don't hear anything in April.
  2. I would recommend you go for the 5 year rule, much easier compared to 3 year rule, with way less documentation. Unless there is a reason you want citizenship right away.
  3. So it does say the card and not the passport stamp. So then its worthless? 18 months from the card is already expired!! as it's been 23 months since the card has expired. I'll call USCIS tomorrow and confirm. The notice date on the I797 did change to 3/14/19.
  4. Dont recall at the moment, so I'll check once I'm back home. It definitely said I-551. I assumed it must be the stamp as obviously the green card expired in 2017.
  5. We applied for I751 in March 2017 and got a one year extension letter at the time. After that expired, we got I551 stamped in passport twice which expires now in September 2019. Yesterday, March 19, we received another I797 indicating that conditional resident status has been extended another 18 months from the data on the I551 stamp in passport. We got mail from NBC. I've already given my N400 citizenship interview and got an RFE asking for evidence of marriage, which I sent. The I751 is on processing hold due to pending security checks per the service request I submitted last month. 1. Very surprised I got a letter extending my status another 18 months (guessing from September 2019). 2. Very very surprised the letter came from NBC instead of Newark, NJ USCIS office, where I gave N400 interview. Does this mean the I751 file is at NBC and NOT as USCIS Newark, NJ office? 3. Anybody else in similar situation?
  6. No flags. The security checks for N400 were completed, thus the interview. So I dont see how there would be any (incorrect) flags for CR1. Nothing unusual about my marriage, pretty standard. I'll try and call USCIS to see if I can convince them to look at security checks for N400. I've read here that the two offices dont talk to each other at Newark.
  7. On more research, it says this on the USCIS website (https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume12-PartB-Chapter2.html) in the section A: "The background and security checks apply to most applicants and must be conducted and completed before the applicant is scheduled for his or her naturalization interview. [2] In section C, it says: The FBI name check must be completed and cleared before an applicant for naturalization is scheduled for his or her naturalization interview.
  8. Not a combo interview. N400 result was that, "A decision cannot be made at this time'. Interview was on Nov 13. On Jan 4, got an RFE to provide evidence of marital status, so I sent the same documents that were in I751 plus some additional ones along with a letter indicating the pending I751. No interview for I751 yet. Very frustrating. So, if the security checks are pending, I don't think the interview would have happened? So I need to somehow tell the I751 department to look at security checks that were completed for N400? And what checks? I already has a green card, this is just a permanent one!
  9. Hello. I filed a service request for I751 processing outside normal time. The response was that the processing is on HOLD due to incomplete security checks. I'm confused by this as I already PASSED my N400 interview (which is on hold due to RFE more evidence of marriage, which is in I751 package). Isn't the N400 interview conducted after the security checks?? Normally if passed, you get scheduled for Oath ceremony. So either the response seems incorrect to me or the I751 file is not linked to N400 file? Anyone else have the same scenario??
  10. Applied in March 2018, got interview in November 2018. Hope this helps you.
  11. USCIS DHS website allows you to respond to a RFE electronically by uploading the requested documents. Anyone else has done the same? I just submitted documents to RFE for 3 years of evidence to prove Martial Union for marriage based N400 application.
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