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  1. Hi thank you for this, but quick question, do I have to send in one email request for both parents? or need to send separate emails for each one of them?
  2. Congratulations! Congratulations! and thanks so much for this idea of trying to expedite the petition!
  3. Hello, my parents are still waiting for their interview dates. Unfortunately mine got reviewed after like a month or two once you submit the documents they want.
  4. Hello, you are fine, you will need to submit the 1-864 when you get to NVC stage, there are links in this website you can read for you to know the process of applying visa for your family
  5. Hi I do have an update, my Father was DQ’d May and for my Mom they asked to resubmit the 1-864 because I was missing the 10th page. She was DQ’d as well only this month. Now we are just waiting for the interview dates, and I hope they would still get the same dates.
  6. Hi my Father was DQ’d May, but for my Mom they asked to resubmit 1-864 because I did not notice that I was missing the last page. She was DQ’d only this month. I hope they would still get same interview dates. They are in the Philippines right now.
  7. Yes they usually would send an email after 2-3 months if all required documents have been reviewed, if not they will ask for the documents you are missing. Nice!!! It’s been a year I think! My father is just waiting now for an appointment date, but I just submitted a missing document for my mother’s case. I am hoping they would still have the same appointment dates.
  8. Got an RFE from NVC for several documents but I am confused why my birth certificate got rejected. That is my original scanned document. I am naturalized citizen so my birth certificate is from the Philippines, and it is from the authorized agency. I am not sure where else can I get my birth certificate.
  9. Hi, are they giving appointment dates for interviews already? Or just approvals for submitted NVC documents?
  10. Got it! Anyway will they have the same interview date? I mean for both parents
  11. Hi! We have the same situation, I just received the email from NVC, and the AOS fee has a status of “PAID”. I went ahead and pay for the IV processing fee. Just to be safe I guess we still have to upload the AOS and financial documents for each of our parents, as they are different cases. I’m just surprised too that there is only 1 AOS fee for both cases.
  12. I have some good news too!! After months of waiting My father’s case has been approved today ☺️☺️☺️ I thought it will be a 2yrs wait since his case was transferred from Nebraska to Vermont. I am now just waiting for the NVC email. I am so glad we can move on to the next process now both for my parents, since I have not started my mother’s case yet at NVC. Hoping to hear more good news from all of you ☺️
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