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  1. can you mention please the category on yours 10 year green card. thanx

  2. hi .congragulation

  3. The wait is finally over for me (my husband)!! EAC17305, approved just now ☺️490 days. Got text but no email, approval shows in app and the usual USCIS site, not on DHS though. I did some number crunching and there are about 13% cases left to be done on my day if you don't count the RFEs, pending approval and RFE makes it ~33% left.
  4. I had to take a break from all of this obsessive checking; after 3 weeks I'm back but still not approved yet, ~75% of the cases are done for my day... I really did not expect to be waiting this long, 489 days so far 🙄 I haven't filed for N400 yet.
  5. Tell me about it, they just approved the case before mine today and they approved the one after mine a few days ago 😭
  6. I'm also 8/01/2017 and I have the same problem, but they seem to be approving like 10 apps per day these days...
  7. WELL no surprise there, new processing time for VSC is 16-17.5 months 😤
  8. There's a button on the top right corner on the search screen that looks like a chart with an arrow pointing diagonally up, it shows the total number of apps by case status.
  9. You forgot the conversation we had? Since your NOA is Dec 1, 2017 (If I remember correctly?) your application is in fiscal year 2018, so your number should start with WAC18.
  10. For my day (Aug 1) two weeks ago there were only ~20 approvals and ~10 RFEs, right now there's 85 approvals and 40 RFEs (out of 312 total petitions), so they're certainly churning them out all of a sudden...
  11. Well they don't tend to go exactly in order with approvals
  12. I got another one of those lovely automated emails this morning, BUT the date they last took action has changed from 7/25/18 to 10/17/2018. Interestingly enough I didn't get the automated email that week 🤔
  13. Holy moly! For my day (EAC17305) 12 cases were approved and there are 2 RFEs today so far, and it's not even 12 pm yet 😮
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