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  1. Hi all, I know the title does not make a lot of sense, but it does not altogether: we filed for ROC in 12/2015, biometrics a year later, received a RFE half a year after that and never heard back until 2019 for an interview appointment. We could not make the interview appointment due to sickness and then our case was terminated. We asked to reopen the case because we did not abandon our petition and had proof that we contacted USCIS for a new interview appointment. We checked back with them 1 month ago, and were told that there is no news on our case. Now we received an update to our case online (only for our receipt notice, it is not visible in myuscis) that the card is in production. can anyone make sense of it? There had been various miscommunication and processual error on USCIS side and we had been superpatient throughout it all. We still cant believe it is really happening and after 5 years of marriage and an long expired green card this shtick will be over?! thanks for reading! To all the people who are waiting only a couple of months, years, really, be a bit patient. People clog up the contact center lines for miniscule, tiny stuff, which could be resolved if they waited three days. Really, it could be worse, hang in there!
  2. Hi all, just wanted to give an astounding(!) update. We would have liked to go ahead acc. to your adviced, but we ould not get an infopass appt, as I am out of the country right now, so we called the uscis center, they kept telling us to be patient, to wait for an answer. contacting an ombudsman would have been on my agenda for August... yesterday I got the answer in form of an account update which just said "card is in production" in summary, our case was closed due to miscommunication, we wrote a letter that it should be reopened because their was no wrongdoing on our side and now this out of the blue production notice. is it for real? happy and cringing at the same time!
  3. thank you! true, very much forgot about the recordings, will make sure to mention them in all future correspondence!
  4. thanks for your input! infopass will be another option after service request and ombudsman I guess
  5. two in 2018, now the petition was cancelled due to a miscommunication, trying to reopen it right now. I checked the timeline and saw that almost all cases from 2016 2017 are adjudicated, so it feels really off!
  6. thank you! that is also valuable advice, if we get nowhere we will contact the CISOMB. had not heard of this function so I am happy to have asked around here! have a good weekend
  7. thank you! I will contact them first thing on Monday on 8am! I always wobble around between calling and waiting, but calling is def the best option!
  8. still waiting on our case too! anyone else waiting? have been going through the list of filers and it seems even everyone who filed in 2017 has been adjudicated ... why is this taking so long?
  9. thank you! we were not aware of that communication problem. I do hope so that it can be sorted out. would you wait for a response or call the uscis contact center to find out what the status is now?
  10. Hi everyone, I need your assessment on our recent experience with my 751 which we filed in DEC 2016. After a RFE and some service requests to move forward, we finally received an interviewdate for February 2019! Unfortunately we were both sick and could not attend, informed uscis via phone and asked what else we should provide to reschedule the appt. answer: nothing as they will put in a rescheduling request via phone and we do not need to do anything else. fast forward, nothing happened, no new interview date has been issued until we got a notice saying the case was cancelled as I was a no show! uscis contact center told us to mail letters to both field office and service center, to open the case again. we did just so, it has been two weeks since our letters arrived and we are very anxious/impatient/confused what to do or how long we should wait until we call again... long story short: has anyone had similar experiences? success stories? what can we do? its a bit of a kafkaesque story... but also a reminder that everything can take a long ### time... thanks!
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