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  1. Hello every one Sorry my question isnt related tonthe thread But one of my relatives wants to apply for a reentry permit in chicago he has a greencard .. So he need to travel after 20 days so he was wondering if walkin biometrics is allowed here befor the actuall appointment. ? Any experience appreciated
  2. If the joint sponsor has enough income to.sponsor only as of last year , I mean the past years he didnt earn enough income to sponsor , can he still be a sponsor or the guideline is for each of past three years? Thanks
  3. But the status it self these days dont change from " we reviewed your biometrics " until intrrview sceduled right?
  4. Iapplied on 01/30/2019 My biometrics 02/20/2019 Im a chicago filler
  5. Hello What are the factors affecting the waiting time for N400 other than the local field office? So if for ex I havent changed my address or havent traveled will that speed the process ?
  6. Ihave a question I SUBMITTED my N400 and completiontime says 15 month Is this estimation for the whole process ? Or inly until i get the interview appointment?
  7. Hello I completed my biometrics last week and my status on profile says We reviewed your biometrics Does that.mean.that the background check is.done ?
  8. Hello evefy one I submitted my N400 online I answered No to the question about any associations or orginizations that Im involved in I thought that it meant political orginizations besides I totally forgot about my membership iin an academic association here becuase I only did it to be.able to go to aconference . Anyone.who faced the same problem experience share is very appreciated Thanks
  9. Ialso submitted mine online on 30 january Did you recieve your biometric appointment date?
  10. On 29 january I sumbitted my applcation and waiting for biometric letter The estimated time is 16 months .. How much did it show for you fellows?
  11. Yes thats what I meant just wanted to know if you left it blank or put in the forign address thanks
  12. Thanks for your reply My consern s that they ask for 5 years although we are filling based on 3 years and when I provide the information for 3 years the system.says that the application may be delayed if i continue.. I would like to know how online fillers are handeling this glitch
  13. For online fillers based on 3 year How did you file working and residence ? When i put only 3 years I get a yellow warning that information is missing but i can submit without them with a risk of delay Did you have problems submitting with only 3 years information ? Any experience is appreciated
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