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    Decided to stay
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  1. Hi everyone, I am in the process of immigrating my parents to the US. I applied for both of them separately by submitting i-130 which have been approved and now my MOTHERS case was approved first and she has already received the NVC case number and everything. However my father has been approved later and has still not received an NVC case number. Will they somehow connect them later? Will I have to fill out an affidavit of support for both separately? Or will they add my father in the system. Will they have to attend the interview separately? They are married and live together. Is there anything that has to be done to insure that they are processed together. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. not sure when I said anything about them become dual citizens. ( I only gave a "scenario" in reply to the Canadian healthcare thing because I didnt exactly agree with that post) it was unrelated to LPR... but I get it. Thanks!
  3. In addition. I am not bragging that I entered USA and applied from here to adjust status and it work so now everyone can do it. THAT'S WHY I'M ASKING ON THIS POST OBVIOUSLY. I couldn't afford a lawyer at the time and my husband and I didn't want to split for a long time, I didn't even know it was "illegal" so please keep your judgement to yourself when you don't even know the situation or anything. This website is for questions that people are not sure about right? So i'm comfused why you are all freaking out.....
  4. Ummmm I am not the one getting mad here. It's you people over exaggerating and saying I am already doing things illegally like I am this terrible person. When in fact I'm not doing anything yet. So everyone can just calm down and just try to give options instead of judging the person about lying and trying to bypass laws. If you are here to do that then ur on the wrong website. This website has mostly helped me with immigration stuff so this attitude I'm getting is quite surprising to me. Did I word something incorrectly? I don't think so. Im simply trying to find out information. Did I ever SAY that my parents will for sure live in both places? Did I ask about citizenship? Did I ask about Healthcare? About suggestions for my brothers education, work? NO I didn't. Actually I didn't need any of this EXTRA information and assumptions from you. I asked specific questions and in reply I got judgement and accusations. Almost feel like I'm going to jail tomorrow or something.. Calm down people its going to be fine, I will figure it out. Don't worry so much. For those who gave me some straight up valid info about what I actually asked about in my question I want to thank you.
  5. I am aware that dual citizenship is allowed. Where does it say that you cannot reside in both? Let's say 6 months here and 6 month there? I would love to read it myself if you could provide a link. Thanks!
  6. Ok thanks for your replies everyone. I AM NOT trying to do "everything" illegal so please, I would appreciate if youdon't accuse me of such thing. I'm simply trying to clear up some questions I had. I appreciate the suggestions about one parent doing the ppw and then the other. FYI my brother is done with school and either way it's home school so he would be fine, thanks I did think of that myself prior to writting this. This is not very true, please check the facts before advising... A person can receive Healthcare benefits as long as they are in Canada for at least 6 months and getting the green card doesn't just cancel that. Just saying... This is informative from the official websites.
  7. Thanks! But why would my parents have to leave my little brother for a a long time once they get approved for the green card? If they apply and do the interview in Canada, they would just have to enter the USA to receive the cards correct? Then nothing is holding them back from driving back to Canada and staying with my bro while they are sponsoring him. Or my brother entering the USA as a Canadian in the visa waiver program he is allowed to stay in the USA for 6 months out of a year anyway.
  8. Hey! It doesn't matter if it's flu season or not at the time of your interview. I remember going through this myself, for me it wasn't flu season and I was against the shot, by the doctor kept insisting on it until I showed the part about it in the form. As long as the time when ur vaccination medical form was done during a NON-flu season (april) then you are fine, you don't need any extra documentation
  9. Thanks for the info! My question is, say my parents go through the process while they are in Canada and get approved. When they enter the US, can't my brother enter with them for just the time that it takes to petition him too? Just under the visa waiver program as a Canadian? Thanks! Yes I am US citizen
  10. Thank you for the information! I appreciate it. I did marry a US citizen, in Toronto Canada and entered the US normally with out any visa afterwards, then adjusted status with out any problems, got my green card, that's why I was asking if my parents Or my minor brother could do the same
  11. Hi everyone, I have several questions about bringing my parents from Canada to US. And doing it the right way. I understand there is a choice of doing it while they are in Canada or doing it from US, hopefully someone can help me with clarifying somethings. 1. If I would like to petition for them after they enter the US, can they go through the boarder normally (Canadians don't needs a visa) or would that be illigal? If so what's the best way to do it? Would it affect their adnace parole later to leave if needed? 2. I also have a minor sibling brother. If they do the process from Canada can he enter the US with them once they get their visa? What the best way to go? If you know any info or have been through this, specifically Canadian because sometimes it's easier. please comments below!! Thank youu
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