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  1. I filed for my ROC January 2020 under 3year rule and I'm already qualified to apply for citizenship. I don't know when the ROC interview will be scheduled. So is it wise to go ahead and apply citizenship online now or wait till the ROC is over with?? Im NBC local office Texas. I just want to know if it's worth to wait for the ROC to be over till God knows when or do the citizenship now. Thank you
  2. Hello I need a clarification on traveling while the GC is expired but the extent letter is still valid. I live in Houston and my flight from Houston to Las Vegas and back to Houston is next week. My 2 year GC expired in March 2020 and my passport too. But the extension letter is still valid till next year. Can I travel with the expired GC and the valid extension letter?? I appreciate your quick response. Thank you
  3. My NOA1 came in the mail MSC means the case is going to NBC How do i know the local service??
  4. Thanx my receipt # starts with MSC and i guess its NBC
  5. My Extension letter for 18 months came and thats all. How do i know the center that is processing my case. They stated that if they need biometrics from me, they will send a separate appointment notice with time, date and place to go
  6. I combined both fees together using cashier's check. So i guess it will work for you as well
  7. We got a text message right away that our case was received with receipt #MSC. Officially receipt form to follow in the mail....... ROC Filed 01/10/20 via fedex to Texas Lockbox Delivered 01/13/20 and signed for by........ Text message sent 01/17/20 that case was received..... NOA1 awaiting in the mailbox
  8. It doesnt matter if notarized or signed. i signed mines and just got text my case was received
  9. use the current form thats what i used and i have gotten a text message that my case was received
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