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  1. So, I just randomly checked my N400 status, and saw I've been scheduled for interview. Finally! The interview letter hasn't showed up yet in the docs tab. I don't think I'll be able to register to vote in time. 😥 Are they doing same day oaths in NYC? I'll request them in advance anyway. I have a somewhat valid reason, I'm an undergrad cybersecurity major and qualify for many national security program scholarships. I went to the USCIS NYC office last year (Dec) with my mom, it was her interview, the officer was so nice, he told me what was was happening with my N400 at the moment, then gave me career advices. Case accepted Oct 8th 2019, Queens NY office.
  2. Applied N400 in Sep 2019, case got accepted on Oct 8th 2019(paper based). Case completion date passed in early August 2020, but same lame message " we are taking longer..." I sent a message to USCIS that if they can tell me when should I at least expect to be interviewed. Cause, I'm an undergrad student in senior year and I have to go for a study abroad for my final semester. I don't want to miss this opportunity of studying abroad and want to graduate on time. They replied, "Your application information has been entered into the system which schedules applicants for interviews at their local Field Office." And said they are waiting for a slot to be available for my interview. I don't know how truthful they are at this point or if this is a standard reply. Btw, I got this reply on Aug 30th.
  3. My estimated wait time is 3 months, case completion is August. before it was June then July, now August. Case submitted date is 8th October 2019. Never really bothered to apply for citizenship, now need it for a scholarship. My dad was angry that I didn't apply on time. My time was due in November 2018. I hope it gets done before September. Status hasn't changed from Actively reviewed... since Oct 28th. I'm from Queens though.
  4. So sad to see people are still stuck in this damn 221g, guys don’t lose hope, Inshallah, you will get out of it. I’ve been there and know how it feels, I remember, this was the most hot topic in 2013, the threads were so long, that they created additional ones just for Islamabad’s 221gs. I was just randomly checking this website after 6 years.
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