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  1. We have filled and submitted both I-864 and DS-260 for my wife's IR-1. At the moment, we're collecting all the documents needed, and we have everything except for the police certificate. I could have sworn I read somewhere that VN police certificate does not need to be submitted with the NVC immigrant visa application and only needs to be taken to the consulate. But I can't find where I read on this forum or its guides anymore. Did I misread?
  2. Hi @ken88, can you tell me in what aspects IOM was able to help you? How thorough and detailed were they? I'm actually not trying to minimize costs but I want to make use of a lawyer who does this often enough so that my wife has some assistance w/ preparing for the interview.
  3. Can anyone recommend a lawyer in HCM who is fluent in both English and Vietnamese and can aid with DS-260 + supporting documentation and interview preparation for my wife? I have found this list on the VN consulate website, but if it would best to use a lawyer that comes recommended by someone who has used their service. https://vn.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/attorneys/ This was an F2A application initially, but since I have become a US citizen, it is now proceeding as an IR1 (already been more than 2 years since marriage).
  4. I got an email today with the following message: We have updated your relative petition to reflect that you are now a U.S. citizen. As a result, your petition has moved to a new visa category for an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen. This category does not have numerical restrictions, and a visa is immediately available from the U.S. Department of State. Your case is now being processed. This does not show up in USCIS account. Hoping this means I will actually see some progress soon.
  5. Thanks for confirming that. What are my next steps? Is this being so far back in line for IR something I can do something about?
  6. Hey folks, just an update for my app from NYC (Brooklyn Field Office). November 16, 2019 We received your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, and mailed you a receipt notice. It is being processed at our Integrated Operating Env location. November 23, 2019 We scheduled you for a biometrics appointment. [Walked in on 2 weeks before actual scheduled date] November 27, 2019 We are actively reviewing your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. Our records showed nothing is outstanding at this time. October 30, 2020 We scheduled an interview for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. (Actual interview on Dec 1, 2020 - see here for that saga but in short a decision could not be made at the time,) December 11, 2020 We recommended that your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, be approved. Your case was submitted for quality review. December 11, 2020 Your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, was placed in line for oath ceremony scheduling. December 29, 2020 We scheduled you for an oath ceremony for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. (January 12, 2020 - Oath ceremony)
  7. Forgot to provide an update. Guess what the reason for all this was...? Turns out when I was filling out the N-400 online, I had skipped answering the questions on whether I was ever a member of the Nazi's between 1939-1945. I skipped because I was not even alive at that time window referenced in the question, so I guess I incorrectly presumed that the question does not apply to me. I'm also guessing that's the reason why the interviewer was so nasty to me based on the question she pressed me on (the questions on being authoritarian, a communist party membership, sexual violence, etc...) even though I had answered those questions in the application. If I thought someone was intentionally avoiding a question because they were a Nazi, I guess I'd be nasty to them too. Anyhow she got me to provide answers to that question during the interview and sign those new answers and referred my application for quality review. December 11, 2020 Your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, was placed in line for oath ceremony scheduling. December 29, 2020 We scheduled you for an oath ceremony for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. January 12, 2021 Certificate Of Naturalization Was Issued
  8. Expedited Service: Applied (USPS - NYC): 1/15/2021 Received and Reviewing: 2/2/2021
  9. Hey folks, I have a couple of questions but let me give you the story so far... Aug 2019 - My wife's I-130 was filed as F2A (as I was a PR at that time). Feb 2020 - I-130 was transferred from CSC to VSC (which I only learned when I contacted USCIS for status update in Dec 2020). Dec 2020 - VSC receipt date for inquiry for F2A showed July 2019, just 1 month ahead of my wife's priority date of Aug 2019. Jan 2020 - I had my oath ceremony and got the cert of naturalization. Jan 2020 - Sent in my US passport application. Feb 2020 - I upgraded my wife's I-130 from spouse of PR to spouse of US citizen via phone. I have yet to hear back on that. Feb 2020 - I checked processing times at VSC and it appears that F2A receipt dates for inquiry had progressed to 9/25/2019 but Immediate Relative of US Citizen inquiry date is 4/24/2018. ACCCKK!!! Questions: Did I mess up by upgrading my spouse's application to Immediate Relative of US Citizen as the receipt dates for inquiry for that are so far back in the past? When we filed the I-130, we had been married for 1 year, but by now we have been married for more than 2 years now, does our petition become processed as IR1 (instead of F2A or CR1) Does that mean when she gets her green card, it will not be a conditional green card but normal 10 year green card? What is my course of action now to get the I-130 processed in a timely manner? Should I be contacting my senator? Thanks all. It's so good to have this site to fall back to.
  10. I applied on 1/15 with USPS in NYC and mine also shows at Not Found in the online system.
  11. My PD 08/22/2019 CSC and was transferred to Vermont without notice in February. Vermont was showing that they were processing applications from July 2019 in December but now they had the currently processing dates set back to 2018. 🙄
  12. I'm little disheartened as I don't even know the reason behind this. I was counting on getting the citizenship to speed up my wife's F2A I-130. 😞
  13. I had my interview today. Arrived at the waiting room, they signed me in, asked me to take my mask off for a second and took my picture. And finally, confirmed left + right index fingerprints and gave me a number. When I was called into the interview office, the officer asked for my greencard and passport. Then they scanned every page of my passport that had anything in it. Has that happened to any one before? I'm guessing they wanted to confirm I met the criteria for presence as I have taken a fair number of vacations abroad over the last 5 years. Confirmed my name and other identifying information. Then asked when I was last out of the country. I gave a range stating this month to next month, but they just wanted the answer to "when", so I gave the date the travel began. Didn't ask any questions about my travels beyond that though. Also didn't ask for any other documents like tax returns or my marriage certificate. I'm applying based on 5-years after employment based greencard. Then went straight to the interview. Was asked 1) Name a branch of government, 2) Who is your is representative? 3) Who is the father of US? 4) How many representatives are in the House of Representatives, ... I don't remember the other two. Then the reading and writing test on the ipad. Was then asked to take my mask off for a second. Then confirm some information on the ipad about myself. Like name, DoB, marital status, residence, etc that would appear on the naturalization certificate. Then went through the questionnaire. They paused at some questions and asked me to explain what the question means. For a few of them, they didn't seem satisfied with my answer and kept asking. I got a bit nervous at this point and started looking around, and they were not happy about that. At the end, the officer gave me a letter that had two boxes checked that said: You passed the English, Civics, History, and Government test A decision cannot be made about your application at this time. I really tried to explain the meaning of the questions as they asked. I understand English very well but I have a bit of an accent and speaking through a mask doesn't help. Added to the fact that I got a bit nervous didn't help. I'm really worried, what do you all think?
  14. I actually edited my post to add this while you were replying to mine: >It looks like California, Vermont and Potomac service centers have case inquiry dates older than my PD (08/19/2019). So it could still be at California, >but it's strange that it's allowing some to submit an inquiry with PD's way later than mine but others with earlier PDs cannot. We must be missing some >key piece of information. Got that ^ by looking through receipt dates for case inquiry on https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/. I'm gonna try giving them a call soon. We'll see how that goes. I don't expect to have much better luck there.
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