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  1. Just want to update you that as of this writing, the "four (4) identical passport size pictures with white background each for husband and wife" is NO LONGER REQUIRED. This is specific for Report of Marriage only. I just went to the embassy this morning and sad to say, I've had a very unpleasant trip despite accomplishing everything that's needed to be done. I can go on and rant and release my anger here but whatever I'll say is really nothing new in most of Philippine government agencies. We were the first in line. At the information counter, we were given a list of requirements, please see attached image: . Having seen that passport photos are required, we went to 4th floor to have our pictures taken and it costs a total of $40. We then went back to the embassy and saw that I'm now third in line which isn't bad. However, the first woman in line, whom I believe is an immigration lawyer, has a TON of application forms with her and to make things worse, she was filling up each of the forms right there at the window!! Imagine doing that for each forms four times for each of her stack!! After standing there for about half an hour, all of us were asked to take a sit, the officer said, it will take them long. I just can't wrap my head around it. They shouldn't be entertaining applicants if they have incomplete documents to be fair to all of us waiting. Fast forward to my turn, it was super quick like only a minute 'coz I have all my documents ready but what really pissed me off was when the officer returned the pictures to me!! He said there was a recent update and it's no longer required, which I have actually read in their website. But because of the checklist given to me at information, of course I complied. Worst decision of the day. I was then told the release time was 3pm. I asked the officer politely if he can release mine earlier because I am also renewing my passport and he answered with a stern 'NO'. I've read a couple of times here in this forum that some people were able to do both in just an hour or two. But I didn't had that same luck. I was at the embassy from 9am to 4pm. I am really exhausted now, we live far from LA, but I just want to share this before going to bed. I hope this will help future couples to not waste time, money, and energy at the embassy. Just want to say too that requirements do change from time to time so please always visit their website or call them beforehand. I am just comforting myself with the thought that perhaps today is the last time that I need to go to the embassy. I can't think of any possible future need at this point. That's all guys!
  2. For all Filipinos in Singapore who are also applying for K1 visa, I just want to share that I received my NSO Birth Certificate and CENOMAR documents 2 weeks after online payment! In the e-census website, it states that delivery to other countries will take 6-8 weeks after payment so it’s really a surprise receiving the documents today. No need to avail special courier services for faster delivery. It is actually more expensive than the documents because they quoted USD 48.60 with lead time of 2 to 3 working days. Do note that CENOMAR must be sent directly from NSO to US Embassy Singapore. I just ordered an extra copy for myself ‘coz I’m curious on what’s written inside. I’m preparing my requirements ahead of time and still waiting to hear from NVC. It’s good to know that e-census delivers faster in reality. Yay!
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