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  1. Thank you very much for your ans,
  2. Hi fellow Vjers,hope every one is well and thank you in advance for all of you who can answer my short question. My question is im filling ny N400 online and im almost done but im not sure what is the ans in this part of application. Filed jointly tax since 2014 but dont remember if we put non US resident.i was conditional resident since 2015 lift my condition approved dec 2018 . here is the question # Have u called yourself a " Non-US resident on a federal,State, or Local tax Return since you became a lawful permanent Resident. Yes_____( if yes they asking for explanation) No___
  3. Thank you very much,yes they gave me a list to what requirements to send it back to them.ill will find the answer here thank you again
  4. Thank you very much sukie,i remember i did write it down everything and sent with my other documents.they also asking a lot of evidence,because we didnt establish the comingling of assets.which we dont have it,u think they will accept if im going to put my name in our bills?
  5. I got RFE, for my removal condition and im confuse.can anyone please help me or any advice. i didnt get the form 1751 attached with circles items.did any one get this .i edit the photo because its big,thank you very much in advance to any one who same situation i have now after waiting for my ROC.
  6. thank you very much geowrian and Brian&larissa
  7. hi hello every one,i have a quick question about filing n400 my ROC still pending (march 2017 filer ) is filing N400 have a window time like ROC? been married for 4yrs.thank you very much.