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  1. Thank you all for replying. If nothing is going to change in next two weeks, she is going to cancel her flight.
  2. By connection I meant direct flight from Warsaw to LA. Last year when pandemic happened they cancelled all flights. So when they reopen flights to US again my mom booked her flight after speaking to airline representative who told her she would have to be vaccine to board on a flight to US.. Unfortunately the airline did not informed my mother about restrictions and we did not do research prior to buying ticket.
  3. Thank you. Thank you.
  4. After that connection started again, we got excited and got the ticket. When she called the airline informed her she would need a vaccine to be able to get on the plane. I wish we had done more research before buying that ticket. 😩 Thank you.
  5. Hello Everyone! My mother ( polish citizen with VWP and valid 10 years Tourist Visa) bought her plane ticket from Poland direct flight to Los Angeles couple of weeks ago.. we got excited that this connection got started again and purchased the ticket. She is fully vaccinated. Then we realized that there was a ban for Schengen area..:-( My mother tries to contact airlines to ask some questions, but unfortunately nobody answers. I read that parents of US citizen that are below 21 years old can visit, unfortunately I am way over 21 years old. My question would be if anybody flew recently to US from Schengen area on tourist visa?
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