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  1. Hi, So I applied N400 on Oct 1 and my case completion date shows 3 months, but meanwhile its been 14 days i didn't receive any letter for biometric appointment. This gave me idea how accurate the case completion time is? Can you please tell me when i am expecting to get the biometric letter. Appreciate your help thanks
  2. thanks for your reply, i saw the documents snapshot.i am filing from Missouri. So how accurate is case completion date?
  3. Hi Guys, So i submitted N400 yesterday before fees goes up. I think all goes well but now realizing i didn't put one date properly. How can i see what application i submitted (i didn't print N400 at completion. At that time thought i will be receiving email of the form what i am submitting)? Also wanted to make sure documents attached properly as other VJ mentioning about attachment problem? And i am seeing case completion date January 2021? i guess USCIS system is not accurate on this (no high hopes)? Please advice Thanks
  4. Hi, So for one year i was unemployed and stays out of the country as we were expecting baby. Meanwhile i enrolled in a school when i was out of country. I made one short trip to USA in that year so technically i didn't stay more than six months out of the country. On the form what should i mention unemployed or school for that year. Please advice. thanks Thanks
  5. Hi, So i am in the process of filing N400 . So i were self employed and on w2 at the same time. How to write these dates on form, which one write first Self Employed for two years Sep 2017- Mar 2019 on W2 work for four months, Oct 2017- Feb 2018 these dates falls parallel. Please advice thanks.
  6. Hi Member, So i am filing N400 , fulfills the residency requirement of five years. I have made multiple trips out of country but there are two trips which i took in one year both around 5 1/2 months long back to back (between these trips just came to usa for 10 days). Is this is a problem to meet continuous residency requirement? My understanding is you cannot stay out of country more than six months, if under six months then its good. These trips i made first year as i have to take care of some stuff back home. Please advice thanks
  7. Hi All, So i am filing N400 as i fullfill the residency requirement, the problem is in last five years i have change so many addresses because of work between different states. I have regularly updated the USCIS website, now for some reason my email deleted and all confirmation emails are also deleted. A fellow member mentioned about https://www.uscis.gov/records/request-records-through-the-freedom-of-information-act-or-privacy-act and i requested for the alien file yesterday but today i get to know it will take up to 20 days to reply from USCIS or more and i wanted to file before oct 2 before N400 fees increase. My question is if i provided tentative dates on N400, last three years i know exact dates only for first two years a little tough. Is that OK? Please share your experience & advice thanks
  8. Hi All, Can you please guide me on this, that will be a great help. I am thinking to apply for N400 as i have full-fill 5 year residency requirement, as arrived in US on Dec 15, 2015. During this time I lived in multiple states and on different addresses. I have regularly update USCIS website about change of address and received confirmation email. For some reason my personal email get deleted all emails and all USCIS change of address emails are also deleted.I can guess the dates but i don't want to mismatch from USCIS record. Is there is a way i can get to know from USCIS about my addresses details. Thanks
  9. Hi All, I am currently living in this state for 5 months, but didnt change my license id and car registration until last week, now applying for N400, where one clause state, are you staying in current state for three months, how do i proof i am staying in this state for last 5 months, (i am living with my parents, so no lease or bill on my name). i have ymca membership from 4 months now, one bank statement, credit card showing all my purchases locally, i did change address on USCIS website but that was also a week ago. please advice. thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, i moved to different state like three months ago and forget to update my change of address, can i go ahead and change my address from todays date on this new place or the date i moved here, please advice, thanks
  11. Thank you guys, i appreciate your response. i am on Green Card.
  12. Hi, Can i work legally two full time jobs at the same time on w2? Both employers are different and their timing and days are different. Coming to new country i need to hustle for my family. Please advice, is it legally ok to work for two full time jobs? Thanks
  13. Hi, Please advice on this, My wife took restraining order against me for a year which expires in October. Afterward we are living together. We have two kids together. I have taken care of my wife and kids during restraining order for expenses. My question is, can we file taxes together. How that works or i file as head of household? Please advice thanks
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