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  1. Corredor


    If you read the N-400 instructions, you will know that you don't need to send pictures, copy of passport or copy of social security card. You only need to send copy of green card and divorce decree. Take your IRS transcripts to the interview, you don't need to send them now. From the last 5 years.
  2. They no longer require passport photos. They will take your photo during your biometrics appointment and they will use that for your naturalization certificate.
  3. Corredor

    Own a Company

    I own a business too and I listed it on my application.
  4. Under 5 years. It will be much faster and you won't have to provide proof of bona fide marriage again like before.
  5. Corredor

    Exact Address and Employment Dates

    No, its not a huge deal if they are not the exact dates. As long as you write all the places and addresses, you'll be fine. It doesnt need to be exact and an approximate date it will be fine. The travel dates are different. you need the exact dates because they have a record of your departures and arrivals.
  6. Im a LPR and all my departures and arrivals are listed there. Through airports, by foot and by car. Even though I have used two different passports.
  7. Corredor


    So he got into trouble with the law while his citizenship application is pending? Thats nuts! What was he thinking? Also, he must mention it during the interview. Lying in the application or interview is grounds for instant denial or if they find out in the future for denaturalization and deportation! Be careful!
  8. Thats great to know. Congratulations!
  9. Corredor

    N400 interview and documents

    Yes, if you read the instructions from the n400 it clearly states that they "strongly encourage" to bring your tax returns from the last 5 years. . I've read in some forums sometimes they ask for them, sometimes they don't. Since you are filing based on the 5 year rule and not based on marriage, is less likely they will ask you for them, but you never know. Just take whatever tax documents you have to the interview. Good luck!
  10. I have a similar experience (divorce waiver) and I have my citizenship interview coming up pretty soon. I don't really expect it to be a problem because Im filing based on the 5-year rule. I've heard the IO will have all my immigration files and he may or may not ask about the previous marriage, but it wont be a big deal unless he/she thinks there are really big red flags.
  11. Corredor

    Paper vs Online Application

    I filed online. What I liked about it is that USCIS receives your application instantly and you get a case number instantly too. Also the fees are taken from your account the same day. If you send them by paper it takes a few days to do that. So its faster that way, even if for a few ways. I found it really easy to fill out and your online account keeps all your information, documents, etc. I would recommend it for many reasons.