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  1. Eh? I got married in Nevada and don’t have that. Did it change? Here is example http://ww9.onvacations.co/nevada-wedding-certificate/
  2. Wait you sent in a request to cancel the petition? If so you will have to start all over - there have been cases where the cancel request wasn’t discovered until they went for citizenship and so they determined that the original visa should not have been granted so the citizenship was denied. You can’t just assume that if they haven’t acted on it then it doesn’t matter it was sent.
  3. There was a second thread where she was basically gifted a child to bring into the country but I couldn’t find it at the time I posted.
  4. Well if you are deported but the custody order says the child can’t leave the country ......
  5. You made my day Here Then she basically smuggled the ‘niece’ into the country
  6. Illiria

    US citizens need visas to travel to Europe in 2021

    For Schengen it won’t be a visa but a preauthorization kinda like the ESTA for the US. So still visa free travel but with the same checks people from these countries going to the US need to do now. The UK isn’t and wont be part of the Schengen so their requirements won’t change. The good part is for your husband if eu decides uk need a full visa to visit he can most likely use his us passport instead and go the schengen preauthorisation route.
  7. Sorry for rambling -tldr- spousal is better for a myriad of reasons Cr1 is not much longer nowadays - a month or two usually. The expedite with whichever route you choose will at most be enough time to get the visa process done so even if you expedite the k1 to get her to the us quicker she will most likely have to do the adjustment of staus interview on her own as you will be deployed by then, I wouldn’t want to. There is an exemption for spouses of deployed military for having them at the adjustment interview but I personally wouldn’t want to be an unusual case for the interviewer but then I am paranoid about these things. If your intended is more chill they may be ok with doing the interview in their own. If you expedite the cr1 and they get it to the embassy stage before you deploy there is a chance you could be at that interview with her, no garuntees in this as each embassy is different and the timing would have to work out. If you are doing spousal at least once she gets the visa she is in and if you are deployed maybe family can help get her set up but if you are doing fiancé and it doesn’t expedite quick enough you may even deploy before she gets here in which case would you be able to marry in the 90 days, that would depend on your exact dates and how fast USCIS move themselves.
  8. Illiria

    K1 visa denied

    Older male with younger female is not culturally anomalous. The original poster said he is from Nigeria and living in Georgia. There it’s not typically accepted to have a guy who has no children marry a woman who has children and is past the normal child bearing years so when it comes up in immigration the relationship is treated with suspicion - if he had been interviewed in Nigeria he might even be asked how do you and your family feel about never having children (as others have experienced).
  9. Not on its own, believe us that uscis have seen everything there have been scammers on here that got pregnant on purpose thinking it was a garuntee to get the green card approved and when it was denied abandoned the child with the US citizen ex husband saying they only had the child to get a green card. A child together does not guarantee a genuine relationship, it can be shown as part of the spectrum of evidence but I would say financial support in relation to the pregnancy, birth, and care of the child is better than the birth certificate alone.
  10. 🤦‍♀️ You have given the first wife divorce decree and a translation into English to your lawyer and instructed them to include it as part of the rebuttal to the noir? If so then to answer you original question you have done what is required.
  11. It should have been submitted way back when your wife put in the petition, not having it at the interview wasn’t the issue it was that you lied on the petition about having a previous marriage, lies of omission are still lies.
  12. Ah so the original petition filed by your second wife failed to write that you were previously married, so the embassy sent it back as the petition was not accurate when it was approved.
  13. Then what is the problem? If you have evidence to show that you were in fact legally single when you married your second wife and have sent it to your lawyer. The embassy should have asked you to submit it to them after the interview when you said oh but I was divorced when I married my second wife I just don’t have the document proving that with me. Why did it get sent back for a noir?