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  1. This - no one could pay me enough to do that cross London transfer again.
  2. So if immigration wasn’t involved and this was just two people from Mexico who live together continuously for two years and therefore considered married in Mexico law what would they do if they split up and wanted to marry other people - would they have to do something before they could get formally married to someone else? There is something similar in Canada - but you don’t have to get divorced unless you lived together more than 7 years and had applied to have it formally recognized. So if you split up even if you had been getting tax benefits as a cohabiting couple you didn’t have to get any formal separation unless the 7 years and formal recognition had happened.
  3. Tdap is not only safe it is highly recommended in pregnancy as it contains the whooping cough vaccine which is vital the baby has some immunity when born from the mom getting vaccinated during pregnancy my obstetrician insisted I had it again even though I had had it for my k1 three years earlier. Now some of the others that are required are not recommend for pregnancy such as the mmr but that’s a different kettle of fish. This - they take necessary precautions for protecting the baby during the exam if you aren’t showing yet you must tell them (it’s on the forms but I wanted to reiterate the important of telling them). Problem with this is that if she does do it in the us before or during aos a lot of the us based authorized doctors to complete the medical are refusing to do it without paying for a full medical again which she doesn’t need or charging over the odds if you ask just to do the vaccines and the vaccine form. Some people have found they are hours drive away from the nearest one as well and having a newborn and trying to do this will be a pain in the butt.
  4. Do you have a relationship as in do you talk the the child, are involved in their life, sending them cards/letters/emails, are a contact for their educational or medical needs? The above answers the the question from your topic title. to answer the question in your post text - it can be demonstrated by photos, emails/letters/cards you sent, documentation showing you are listed as an emergency contact or person who can make decisions, and bank records showing you pay for things like school fees or such
  5. If there was something wrong they would tell you - we have had cases on here where something cane up that wouldn’t stop the visa but the medical giving people told them to get it followed up (heart murmur)
  6. Why? Like for what reason is he staying there as that long doesn’t seem a valid holiday is he super rich or have a really understanding job that lets him take a vacation sabbatical.
  7. Ours were over 10 years and you could see us aging it was kinda depressing
  8. Be 100% honest - if it asks you to list all your children then list all of your children
  9. Based on previous postings maybe Philippines? A quick google indicates that you would have to apply for a travel document with proof it is a valid need to travel quickly that would only be valid for going to the Philippines one time.
  10. Just because she is willing to let him help her out by taking the older child more often whilst the other is young doesn’t mean she will let him take the child out of the country. Were they married when they had the children? Does he have any legal court appointed custody? What are the custody laws like in the country for children born to unmarried parents if they weren’t married?
  11. I think people have been conflating your case with one where they brought people over a 20 year period (think it was actually closer to 50 in the end due to kids having kids whilst not married to stay in the shorter category)
  12. See I was going to guess Filipina with the guy having a record that would prevent normal petitioning. OP might want to come back and clarify as we are known to let our imaginations run wild when left to ourselves 🤦‍♀️
  13. Yeah that’s most likely your problem - embassy didn’t like it when you filed as single - sometimes makes them doubt the validity of the marriage esp. if there are other things that are giving them pause. And..... when it comes to immigration don’t rely on others always check with the source material yourself - in this case the tax codes - reading the filing instructions would have told you this.
  14. Plenty of maid services in the us to hire from - or are you looking for a ‘maid’
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