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  1. I understand that but most people would say father not biological father unless they were adopted or had a step father and want to differentiate between the adopted/step father and the biological father. We have had people on here who wanted to help their biological parent get a green card but they were adopted so they couldn’t - no one in the family understood that it would be an issue when the adoption occurred so are very upset when they find out.
  2. Just a clarification but as you stated a few times I want to make sure - were you adopted at any point? If you were adopted then your legal relationship with that biological parent was severed and you can’t sponsor them.
  3. This could be very bad, have your husband ask to see it if it was done on paper. If she filled it in ‘on his behalf’ she could have claimed he was a US citizen which is very bad for your husband.
  4. Kind of like asking how long is a piece of string (it depends). But I think the old adage of hope for the best but prepare for the worst, be hopeful that you can get out for the date you want to get married but also look into the procedure to move anything you have already booked and don’t book anything more until you have the visa in your hand (and CFO fully complete).
  5. Yes you can visit using ESTA when your spouse has submitted a petition for you. I did.
  6. Yah but I doubt the OP is a keynote speaker or something like that. I mean why would a prestigious conference invite a (presumably) unknown masters (part-time?) student. Easily completed whilst working in the US. You say you aren’t married but do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or someone you are talking to in America?
  7. So did you work when you shouldn’t have or not?
  8. Hard to tell, usually it’s only bad news if the us petitioner has a criminal history or has been arrested before.
  9. Are you implying that an officer made you lie saying you had a job when you didn’t? because that is a very serious thing to allege Or did you in fact have a job that was in violation of your student visa?
  10. I was going on the assumption that US administration was referring to trump administration making a restriction or intervening implying that the president was putting extra roadblocks or something - could be wrong though.
  11. @MachadoMercedess use this site to see if the petition approval had been revoked - https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do note it might be down at the moment. If it hasn’t then you can look up the visa status on the embassy website - sometimes you can glean some info from this but it might require you going through your congressperson. They will have a person who deals with all immigration related questions who will ask you to sign a waiver so they can ask questions on your behalf and get your details. Be prepared for this to get a very generic response but sometimes it can be of use.
  12. exactly we need the us citizen to come here after rechecking the 129f petition through the uscis case status to see if it has been revoked. If so then there is a bigger issue as the only time I have seen petitions revoked is when they find out that the my weren’t eligible to file the 129f in the first place and therefore the approval was incorrectly granted.
  13. No, I had my interview at this office and asked this very question. They said that I would be put into the next available slot and if I wanted to reschedule I could but that it would then put me into the next available one after that. So no selecting the one we wanted.
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