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  1. Also, my husband got an email yesterday from the field office nearest us. It was a courtesy email saying our case has already been transferred and to submit the 693 and substantial proof of marriage if we want. Hoping that's a good sign that things are moving with our green card case!
  2. When was your approval date? My husband was approved 3/9 for work permit but we have yet to see any status change from that day or a card in the mail. Getting a little worried here. If you checked in the application that you want a social security card, it should come from what I know. But if you checked no, it won't come and you'll have to apply at the SS office near you. That should be all he needs to work.
  3. Ughh mine has been sitting at "card is being produced" since March 9 and I don't know what the hold up is... I'm so thankful it's been approved so quickly but I have trust issues with USCIS...I sometimes get scared that the card will just never show.. you never know with them
  4. What!? The instructions literally say the exam is valid for one year... did you submit the DS-3025 proof of vaccines from the exam?
  5. Mine as well has been "being produced" since 3/9 so only 4 days. Some people on reddit are saying they haven't been getting their green cards since late Feb so not sure if they're backed up for ead too? Either way please update if there's anything new and I will do the same...
  6. Woke up this morning 6am Cali time to three emails in the middle of the night and an approved EAD! Status shows card being produced. thank you God!!
  7. Had our biometrics today at 2pm. It's now 8pm PST and no EAD approval, I knew it would be like this but sucks either way. We aren't one of the lucky ones to get EAD approved right away hope the wait won't be too bad
  8. It's only "IF REQUIRED" so yes, you might be overthinking it lol. Better to be safe than sorry tho so good ask. The only thing required is the DS-3025 for K-1. You shouldn't do 693 unless they ask.
  9. 3 petitions sent: 2/9 Fedex shows delivered: 2/14 Texts received with case numbers: 2/16 showing receive date as 2/14 We paid with personal check and the money still hasn't left our account lol. Hopefully we get our account notice in the mail soon
  10. Joining this group! We sent our 3 petitions Feb 9, it's scheduled to deliver tomorrow. And so the waiting begins
  11. Thank you so much for giving me the suggestion! Yes I am planning to include both of those as well, I wasn't sure if I should put the whole passport or just those pages. But now I decided to just put the bio page/visa and stamp page.
  12. Hey! Question... we are about to file our AOS. Should we submit the beneficiary entire passport? Or just the biographical page and visa/stamp page? Trying to save on paper
  13. Finally got our interview date booked! Does anyone know if tax transcripts will suffice for interview? I don't want to send my fiancé the entire tax return packet as that's a lot of printing...wondering if tax transcript has everything the officer needs or if I should send specific W2 as well. Just want to make 100% sure so we don't have any delays! Thanks
  14. Finally received the coveted "in transit" email from NVC yesterday. NOA2 was 5/18 so it took quite a while. Looking forward to the next steps and to finally being done with all this!
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