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    My fiancé went to his k1 visa interview on 8/30/13 in Mumbai and he had all proof that would possibly be needed. When it came to the interview questions they were as follows: where did you met, who long have you known each other, what will you do for work there, and than date/location of the wedding. We had to sign a 90 intent to marry from his arrival. Now where does it state a date and location of wedding must have? He was trying to explain our possible plans, cut him off, said denied due to no supporting documents or sufficient evidence when they asked for nothing. Than after printing out the general denial letter of no supporting documents he asked what do you need I have everything here and they said denied on grounds of no date/location of wedding. Any suggestions on what to do next or who has has the similar experience as this?

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  1. Please carry recent utility bills under both name, house deee or rental agreement under both name, bank statement under both name.
  2. Hey guys, I know no one expecting this question🤪 can you please help me,what you guys the wearing for interviews. Just wants to know - it’s formal ,semi formal , business casual or just casual -like shirt jeans and converse.
  3. I am applying for 3 year rule , what are the document required / carry to interview
  4. I found this website https://americanhistory.si.edu/citizenship/ For CIVIC test
  5. Thank you. Did you make one or downloaded from some webesite
  6. Hello Guys, I just logged in my account to see the status , here what I have found. Is there anyone receiving the same message like mine . One more questions : how do I know which processing center is processing my case. Your Cases N-400 Application for Naturalization Submitted on September 7, 2020Receipt # XXXXXXXXXXX View PDF Your N-400 personalized processing time is down for maintenance. Check the estimated case processing times for your field office or service center.
  7. Good Morning Guys, I am September filler, been following this post. Could you all please help me with the study materials for citizenship( where I can find URL’s or PDF)
  8. Hello Guys can any one of you help me to find study material for our citizenship test.
  9. Hi paranoid android, USCIS will not use any evidence that was submitted for your ROC, unfortunately we have submitted all the evidence once again for citizenships.
  10. Hey guys I am using the chrome as well. Please let me know as well if there is any other browser can be consider to avoid the errors. Please let me know
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